Monday, June 5, 2017

The Matador

Working late at night can be a drag.  When my coworkers and I want to get something to eat at 11:30pm, there are very few places with legit dining options that are open.  Dive bar food sometimes does not cut it!  One of our favorite places for late night happy hour is Matador.  They serve delicious margaritas and their nachos that are on the happy hour menu is your best bet for $5!  It is a beast of a plate of nachos and is easily shared among a few friends.  Their tacos are good as well.  My favorite is the chorizo tacos.  Yum!  

Hanging out at The Matador during nice weather is fun too.  They open up their big windows and let the breeze in the restaurant.  It makes for great people watching as well.  I was there on one such warm, sunny Portland day.  My favorite drink is their tamarind margarita.

Of course, friends don't let friends not share a communal plate of the delicious grande nachos!

While I usually order the chorizo tacos, I decided to try their grilled pork al pastor tacos today.  It was delicious!

There are several locations in Portland.  I highly recommend stopping by during happy hour because of the nachos on the menu for cheap!