Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring 2017 Seedlings

This year, I decided a little late to start my vegetable seedlings.  We've had a relatively cool winter that has been followed by a very very very wet spring.  We even had a crazy wind storm that blew through our area.  I lost power for about 36 hours.  

Despite the crazy weather and it being a little later than normal, I took the plunge and started some seeds.  It was a little late for starting tomatoes but I decided what the heck.  I also had a lot of older seeds that I wanted to see if they were still any good.

I started these seeds on a heating pad with overhead lights on April 6th.  The oldest seeds I used were from 2010!  😳😱

Here's a list of what I started that day:
- Shishito Peppers
- Millionaire Eggplant
- Toma Verde Tomatillo
- Chocolate Cherry Tomato
- Mandrin Cross Tomato
- Organic Green Zebra Tomato
- Organic Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato
- Cherokee Purple Tomato
- Gourmet Green Bush Baby Filet French Beans
- Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard
- Bull's Blood Beets
- Golden Beets
- Green Delight Baby Bok Choy
- Olympia Spinach
- Misome Mustard Spinach
- Osaka Purple Mustard Greens
- Ruby Streaks Mizuna
- Prizehead Lettuce
- Organic North Pole Lettuce
- Outredgeous Red Romaine Lettuce
- Mini Sweet Carrot
- Rothild Carrot
- Carnival Blend Carrot

By April 10th, some of the seeds started to peek out of the soil.  It's always an exciting time for the vegetable gardener!