Monday, May 22, 2017

Late May Vegetable Garden

It's mid-spring here in the Pacific Northwest and everything in the garden is a few weeks behind because of the cool and wet spring we've had.  My spring garden is coming along.  Some of the seeds I've sown have come up - here you see the spinach and some swiss chard. 

The peas I pre-sprouted inside then planted out are doing well.  These photos are from a week ago.  Today when I looked outside they've grown quite a bit more.  The peas are about 4-5 inches tall now. The second batch of staggered planted peas are about an inch tall now.  Radishes are sprouting in the same bed as the peas.  My brassica are doing well in the raised beds with row covers.  They're probably planted a little too close together, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  😏

I'm hoping the hot spell we had won't cause the spring veggie to bolt.  It was 90+ today.  Wowzas!  


Shaheen said...

So green,

Phuong said...

90's is definitely hot. It looks like your brassicas are doing great and you're getting tons of kale from the garden. We've had a nice extended spring this year instead of going straight into summer heat.