Monday, September 1, 2014

Harvest Monday: September 1, 2014

This post is late.  I'm late!  AUGH!  Summer has been busy and it's canning season.  My kitchen is a disaster!  But the produce stops for no one!!  

The summer garden is still pumping out harvests.  The fall crop that I planted and have been trying to give shade to has also flourished!  I managed to pick some spinach last week.  Although since we've had a warm summer, it looks like the spinach maybe bolting!  I'll have to quickly replant another round of them!  These greens make lovely salads and smoothies!
The paste tomatoes are coming along as well.  For some reason my Roma tomatoes are small this year.  They're very cute...a little larger than my largest cherry tomatoes or about 2 inches tall.  It's more like a petite roma.  Hahaha.  The San Marzano on the other hand have produced very large beautiful fruit.  Sorry Roma but I may break up with you next year just on principle.  It's not me, it's you!  =)

I've also had some tomatoes from the mystery tomato plant.  It was a volunteer this year but I think it's a Brandywine.  It has potato leaves and the fruit is a lighter pink color.  Shishito peppers have been the ultimate producer this year.  It continues to crank out peppers!! 
My cucumbers have been slow to produce this year.  The lemon cucumbers were a flop this year altogether.  I've managed to harvest a few Japanese cucumbers.  My two eggplant plants have given me a steady supply this year.  They've been good eats!!  Cherry tomatoes anyone?  I'm picking these guys almost every other day!

Happy Harvest!!
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This week's harvest totals:
  - Cherry tomatoes = 1.35 lb
  - Spinach = 0.28 lb
  - Eggplant = 0.68 lb
  - Cucumbers = 1.03 lb
  - Shishito Peppers = 0.57 lb
  - Roma Tomatoes = 0.85 lb
  - San Marzano Tomatoes = 0.36 lb
  - Brandywine Tomatoes = 0.2 lb


Daphne Gould said...

Lovely harvests. Your spinach looks great. I haven't even planted mine yet. I hope the bed clears out soon or I'm not getting spinach this fall.

Margaret said...

I just saw your post - I'm getting so behind as well, especially with so many things winding down in the garden & lots to preserve. You have a wonderful assortment of veggies coming out of the garden. Still loving those peppers - must get some for next year!