Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Starting the Fall Garden

I'm a little behind (as always) in my garden.  I finally had some time today and the weather had cooled down enough (not in the 90's anymore!!) for me to get the fall garden started.  I amended each bed before planting some garden goodies!

In this bed I planted 3 Fall Blend broccoli and 2 Snow Crown cauliflower starts.  I wanted to give these cruciferous vegetables lots of room.  My previous attempts at growing broccoli met with some problems when I planted too many plants in one bed.  I filled in the spaces in between the plants with quick growing lettuce.  I planted some Jericho romaine lettuce and Merlot leaf lettuce.  The romaine lettuce was a little droopy from under watering on my part.  Oopsies!  I hope they like their new home and perk up.
This bed contained lettuce and spinach.  The lettuce are a mix of Little Gem and Merlot.  The spinach is a unknown variety purchased from the nursery.  Both of these beds were covered with row covers.
This bed contains the remaining cauliflower and broccoli starts.  I also direct sowed some Bright Lights and Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard.  This bed was left uncovered.  I hope I don't grow to regret that later. =)