Saturday, August 9, 2014

Peach Picking

I've been waiting all season for peach picking!  I didn't get to pick and can peaches last year.  My peach stash suffered as a result.  I've been waiting eagerly all summer for the Veteran peaches.  If I remember correctly, these were the easiest peaches to peel and de-pit.  I love easy when there's a lot of work involved.  The peaches also taste fantastic canned.  The Veteran variety isn't so good when eaten fresh so I reserve them just for canning.  Oh an another tidbit about this variety.  If canning, don't worry about bruises or cutting out discolored areas, once processed these dark spot will disappear!  No kidding!  I told you there were easy canning peaches!!  Only worry if there are areas where the peaches' integrity have been compromised.

I picked these at Jossy Farms out in Hillsboro/North Plains.  They're my favorite spot for peaches.  Originally these were supposed to be ripe for picking on Monday but due to the warm weather, they were open for picking on Saturday.  I almost missed it too!  A friend had told me they were ready now.  I hopped in the car and sped over.  As you can see, the trees were full of peaches.  The trees are low so picking is super easy!!

Look at these gorgeous fresh peaches!!  It was so hard to stop picking!

My family loves peaches.  I usually send some home to Hawaii for my dad and some to Las Vegas for my brother and his family.  I also give them away to other family and friends.  They're usually a huge hit!  Because of this I usually can a lot of peaches.  I love them in the middle of winter with cottage cheese or with vanilla ice cream.  It really beats the store bought canned peaches.  Hands down!!  I had only intended on picking 20 lbs or maybe 30 lbs at the most.  As I said before, it was so hard to stop once I got started.  Who can leave a poor peach just sitting on the tree?  
I ended up with 50 lbs of peaches!!  Yep, it seems I got a little carried away with the peach picking.  Haha.  I brought my peaches home and lay them down on the counter on newspaper to further ripen.  I'm planning on canning these in light syrup on Monday.  It'll be a lot of work but during winter, it'll be so worth it!  


scrapper al said...

Impressive! I wish I lived closer so we could trade my labor for canning lessons.

Rowena said...

You are having too much fun! There's nothing like that in Italy (the pick-your-own orchards). 50 pounds - yayyy!