Sunday, August 10, 2014

Japanese Black Trifle Tomato

This is a new tomato variety for me for the 2014 garden season.  I picked up this plant at the nursery as a starter.  Despite it's name, Japanese Black Trifle is a heirloom variety whos origin has been traced back to Russia.  This tomato is an indeterminate variety but grows a shorter plant.  It's leaves are the potato-leaf variety and it's time to harvest is long at 80-90 days.  Despite this, it was my first ripe tomato of the 2014 season (other than the cherry tomatoes).
The fruit of the Japanese Black Trifle are beautiful oblong or pear shaped.  The tomato shades range from a deep mahogany to purple-black with sassy green shoulders when ripe.  The skins are smooth and crack-resistant.  The fruits grow to about 2.5 to 3 inches long and weigh about 4-6 ounces each.
When cut in half, the tomato is equally beautiful.  It retains some of the mixed colors.  The flavor is complex, deep and rich. 
The plant produces lots of fruit.  While some of my tomato plants showed signs of blossom end rot, these did not.  It made me happy!
This is a great variety to be grown in the Pacific Northwest.  It really impressed me and has earned a spot in next year's tomato line-up!  If you see this variety around, please give it a chance.  It maybe life changing!  =)
Oh and by the way, the Japanese Black Trifle tomatoes make a mean caprese salad!!  Just sayin....


scrapper al said...

I grew this variety for the first time this year. I thought they were good, not great. The first several that I picked had no flavor, but later ones were better. I do think they have a more complex flavor than the common Early Girl.

~Holly~ said...

scrapper al: I may have some bias this year just because it was my first tomato of the season! haha. I like that it's prolific...lots of fruits. I do agree that the flavor isn't great. Some of my favorite "black tomatoes" are Paul Robeson and Carbon (which I was unable to find this year. =)