Monday, August 4, 2014

Harvest Monday: August 4, 2014

This year summer has been good to us in the Pacific Northwest.  We've had a fairly dry and hot summer.  The vegetables seem to be enjoying it!  It was a nice compromise because of my late start in planting out veggies this year.  I'm enjoying a good harvest a few weeks early despite my late attempt.

This week I picked some sweet basil.  The basil have done exceptionally well this year.  Last year I had a difficult time due to mildew.  This year it's been growing like crazy!'s what's for dinner!!
My plum tree has also enjoyed the heat!  The plums ripened fairly quickly this year.  It's kicked into high gear and I have enjoyed several harvests from my one tree.  There was enough to share with neighbors and friends.  The plums are juicy, sweet and delicious!

Over the weekend I picked more Shishito peppers.  I planted 2 Shishito plants this year and they seem to be producing tons of peppers!  My French filet green beans have also produced a lot.  I picked 2 small Ichiban eggplants this week.  Another exciting summer garden moment:   I picked my first full size tomato of the season!!  This one is a Japanese Black Trifle tomato.  It's my first year growing them.  They produce a oblong or oxheart shaped fruit.  
Yesterday while watering the garden I spied a couple of treats!!  To the left is a small Roma tomato and to the right is a Sweet 100 cherry tomato!  How exciting!!

Happy Harvest!!  Join Daphne at Daphne's Dandelions to see what other people are harvesting this week!

This week's harvest totals:
- Plums = 12.32 lb
- Sweet Basil = 0.29 lb
- French Filet Green Beans = 0.73 lb
- Ichiban Eggplant = 0.52 lb
- Tomato, Japanese Black Trifle = 0.21 lb
- Shishito Peppers = 0.31 lb
- Tomato, cherry = 0.01 lb
- Tomato, Roma = 0.1 lb


Margaret said...

Lucky you! We have had the exact opposite weather here - June started out well but then the weather turned wet & cool in July. Congrats on the 1st tomato - it's always such a treat! Ours are just starting to come in as well and I'm out there every day hoping for more, and more, and more....

Mac said...

Love those plums, I don't have any.
Shishito is a good producer, I had 2 in raised bed last year and cranked out too many peppers which drove me crazy, this year I still plant 2 of them but in one container together, the restriction in growing space keep production down a lot, and that's just enough for us.

Rowena said...

Oh if only we had weather like yours! This year it has been rainer than usual, cooler temps, and more rain again. I'm surprised that the basil plants haven't died yet. The only things that I'm harvesting now are zucchini. The tomatoes...they're in limbo! I love, love, love your plum harvest. So pretty!

Daphne Gould said...

Those plums are gorgeous. I wish my plums would produce some year. They are growing but always look a bit sickly.

Kelli said...

Your harvests look great, great job.