Monday, August 25, 2014

Harvest Monday: August 25, 2014

Summer is almost over but the don't tell the vegetable garden that!  It's been consistently pumping out all kinds of garden fresh goodies!  I've been quite happy with the harvests.  My friends' with black thumbs have been happy with fresh vegetable goodies and my friends' with green thumbs have been equally happy to trade garden goodies!  For me, it's been a win win situation.
It seems I've been having to make harvests every other or every 3 days to keep up with the abundance this year.  We've had an amazing summer here in the Pacific NW and it shows!
One of the crops that didn't like it's home in the spring/summer garden were these golden beets.  Out of a patch of them, these were the only substantial roots.  I think the area maybe too shaded.  Note to self, plant fall/winter beets in another section!
Once they were cleaned up, the baby beets were darling.  The smaller ones are the size of a large radish.  Haha.  Cute eh?  I'm roasting them with some that I bought from the farmer's market.
The basil has had a good year.  Last year mildew got all of my basil plants.  This year, it's growing crazy!!!  I debated whether to let them flower for the bees or cut them back to encourage a burst of new growth.  Yesterday I cut back half of the stems and left half of them for the bees.  Pesto anyone??!!

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This week's totals:
- Cucumbers = 0.97 lb
- Lemon cucumbers = 0.12 lb
- Cherry tomatoes = 1.17 lb
- Roma tomatoes = 0.55 lb
- San Marzano tomatoes = 0.44 lb
- Beets = 0.31 lb
- Eggplant = 1.31 lb
- Zucchini = 0.27 lb
- Green beans = 0.04 lb
- Japanese Black Trifle tomatoes = 0.22 lb
- Shishito peppers = 0.59 lb
- Lemon basil = 0.16 lb
- Sweet basil = 0.43 lb


Margaret said...

Beautiful harvests - and jealous of that basil! Mine was devastated by mildew this year but I've started some in the basement, just to see if it was the seeds or airborne spores. I hope it gets to harvestable size.

Mac said...

Love those beets and Shishito peppers, our eggplant is slowing down, may have to pull them out soon.

Daphne Gould said...

Last year I lost my basil to mildew too. But this year so far it has been fine. Though I thought maybe it might be starting, so I cut a whole bunch out last week to freeze.

Barbara Easterwood said...

Oh now. That box of basil... oh baby!

Matron said...

That's a great harvest! Are those sungold cherry tomatoes?