Monday, August 11, 2014

Harvest Monday: August 11th, 2014

Early in the week I harvested some of the Lacinato kale that was left uncovered.  I had to pick over some of the caterpillar-eaten leaves but otherwise I think the kale did fine left to fend for itself.  I forgot to take a photo of the kale leaves that I was able to harvest

Later in the week I had a mixed harvest of the last of the plums, French filet green beans, one Ichiban eggplant, Shishito peppers, a few Japanese black trifle tomatoes and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  
The basil plants are going crazy again.  Some of them are started to flower.  To trim them back, I harvested more Lemon basil and Sweet basil.
Here's a closeup of the Japanese Black Trifle tomatoes.  I love the deep color with the pretty green shoulders.  This has been my first main season tomatoes this year and so far this variety has been very bountiful!

Happy Harvest!!  Be sure to stop by Daphne's Dandelions to see what others have been harvesting this week from the garden!

This week's harvest totals:
- Kale = 0.45 lb
- Eggplant = 0.3 lb
- Cherry tomatoes = 0.14 lb
- Japanese black trifle tomatoes = 0.9 lb
- Plums = 1.68 lb
- Roma tomatoes = 0.11 lb
- French filet green beans = 0.24 lb
- Shishito peppers = 0.37 lb
- Sweet basil = 0.18 lb
- Lemon basil = 0.21 lb


Margaret said...

That harvest basket of wonderful produce is absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love it when the tomatoes really start coming in? Mine are just beginning to step up their pace.

Mac said...

Beautiful harvest basket you have there, love the color combination. How's the taste of Black Trifle, is it a medium size fruit?

Daphne Gould said...

Those plums look so lovely. And my basil is insane too. I'm not a fan of pesto though or I'd cut it all down and make some.

Rowena said...

Everything so beautiful! Just love looking at your harvests in all its bold colors. The JPT's are gorgeous. When I tried growing some a few years ago, they just didn't work out well (probably hated the heavy clay soil and cooler weather).