Friday, August 1, 2014

Canning - Seedless Marionberry Jam

We've had a pretty dry and warm summer.  Produce have been ripening 2-4 weeks faster this summer.   I kind of have let that fact slip away from me.  I almost missed my opportunity for canning berries.  Most of the marionberries (a type of Oregon blackberry) are almost done for the season (my favorite for jam).  I decided to take my chances at the u-pick farm anyway.  I was able to pick a little over 4 pounds to make my first canning project of the summer.....Seedless Marionberry Jam!!    
Making seedless berry jam is always hard work.  You need a lot of berries to make a little jam.  However, I'm in the seedless camp.  I don't like seeds in my jam.  =)  

I spent the afternoon de-seeding my berries via a food mill (thank goodness for this gadget!!).  From my 4+ pounds of berries, I extracted about 4.5 cups of pulp and juice.  It wasn't quite enough for a full batch of jam but I was able to adjust the recipe.  The jam making went quickly and I canned my lovely creations.  
I ended up with 5 half-pints of jam.  I'll have to find more berries and make more jam.  My family and friends love this jam and they're often given away as gifts.  For the recipe, see my original post for Seedless Marionberry Jam.
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Mac said...

Wow, wish I have some of those berries to make jam.