Monday, July 28, 2014

Harvest Monday: July 28, 2014

The garden has been coming along and is kicking up it's production now.  My plum tree has gone from dormant to productive.  This is the first picking of ripe plums (about 1.8 pounds).  

My Thai basil is wanting to flower.  I snipped back the stems to allow for more leave growth.  I really wanted to let it flower since the flowers are a deep and beautiful purple.  I'm off to look for interesting recipes for my Thai basil.

Another first for this summer.  My first cherry tomatoes!!  It's always exciting when that happens!

Here's my harvest basket for this week.  It's also the first week for a harvest of my favorite pepper, Shishito and some French filet green beans!!

This week's harvest totals:
- Dill 0.04 lb
- Sweet basil 0.1 lb
- Plums 1.8 lb
- Thai basil 0.14 lb
- Green beans 0.09 lb
- Cherry tomatoes 0.03 lb
- Shishito peppers 0.34 lb


Margaret said...

Those plums look delicious! Sadly, my tree didn't produce any fruit this year - I think that our extremely cold winter probably killed off most of the spurs. Lovely tomatoes - the first ones are always such a treat!

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

Those are some lovely plums! I didn't plant Shishito this year but it did great last year.

Tossing Dirt said...

What good looking plums. We used to have a tree in our old neighborhood that we would literally eat off of. Tomatoes are on the top of our list though. Nothing like the first ones!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your first tomatoes! My tomatoes finally came in last week and it was so exciting.

Doc said...

It’s exciting when the garden starts its yield. We are going to have a bumper crop of cucumbers this year. I didn’t realize how many I planted.

Daphne Gould said...

Beautiful plums. My plum tree doesn't like me and is always unhealthy. So I planted another one of a different variety this year. I'm hoping it does better.

~Holly~ said...

Margaret: The plums are super sweet! Hang in there. My tree didn't produce any plums the first few years. The first year it produced I had like 5 plums. LOL. It's finally kicking into gear! I agree, first tomatoes are always special!

Dave: Thanks! I love shishitos! They're a must in my garden every year. I plant at least 2 plants.

Tossing Dirt: thanks! Agreed!!! Nothing like the first tomatoes of the season!

Jennifer: thank you!! Congrats on yours as well!

Doc: Congrats on the cukes!! My plants are slow to come along. I think I need to fertilize them a little. =)

Daphne: Thank you! Awww...I'm sure your plum tree loves you. Good luck with the second variety!!

Mac said...

Congrats on your first tomatoes and plums, love plums but I don't have place for it.
Yay for shishito peppers, I have to have it every year, how are you using it?