Saturday, June 21, 2014

Salad Bowl Trim

I planted this lettuce bowl a few weeks ago.  It's filled with Romaine lettuce and pretty leaf lettuce.  It's been loving the overcast days we've had.  It was due for a trim.  

I did the cut and come again method.  I trimmed the individual leaves (leaving about 1 inch on the plant).  I was able to harvest about a large colander of leaves for yummy salads.  


Rowena Castelli said...

Stupid My Yahoo! I have been waiting for an update on your garden, but the last post I got was the Thai-inspired Spicy Steamed Wild Cockles with Lemongrass and Chiles. Grrrrrr....I've got some catching up to do.

Doc said...

We have soooo many snails this year and last that I stopped growing leaf veggies. Thinking of growing them in the greenhouse. We never had that problem when we had chickens.

~Holly~ said...

Rowena: That's my bad. I just uploaded a bunch of pics and backdated the posts. *blush*

Doc: Slugs used to be my enemy. I've never had snails till a few years ago. Now I have both. Grr!! I've been setting out traps for those slime buckets! Haha. Oooohh....get chickens again! =)