Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Restaurant Ramblings: Entocea Cavour 313 (Rome, Italy)

If you follow my blog, you know I love food.  I had scoped this place out prior to arriving in Rome.  I had noted that it was close to our hotel.  After reading reviews and seeing the menu online, I wanted to try this place out.  

It's a lovely wine bar and located on one of the main streets in the area (Via Cavour).  It was about 5 minutes from our hotel and about 5 minutes from the Colosseum.  We arrived early for dinner by Italy standards (around 7:00 pm).  Italians, as do most Europeans, tend to dine later (closer to 9pm).   
The bar has a nice wooden interior.  I love love love how they store their wine bottles, on top of the rafters!!  We witnessed the waiters and waitresses retrieving some of the bottles.  It was quite a show!  
Since it's a wine bar, let's start with the wine.  We each ordered 2 glasses during the evening.  My friend and I both are red wine drinkers.  She tried the 2011 Castello di Uzzano Chianti Classico for 4.50 euro.  She liked it so she ordered it twice.  I tried 2 different wines: 2008 Venturini Amarone della Valpolicella for 8 euro and 2012 Castello di Corbara Campo della Fiera (Sangiovese, Umbria).  All the wines we tried that night were delicious.
For food, we started with the Calabrian Mix for 10 euro.  It contained nduja (a spicy, spreadable salami - served on a crostini), olives, sun dried tomatoes (in olive oil & seasoned with herbs, red pepper and garlic) and soppressata (spicy salami).  Yummy!
We also had a Catherine Salad for 7 euro (lettuce, arugula, goat cheese and a sauce made with garlic, olive oil, anchovies & capers).  We both loved the lightness and freshness of this salad.
Our last dish was Culatello Rolls (prime cut of pork prepared like prosciutto and stuffed with goat cheese, hazelnuts, honey and balsamic vinegar) for 10 euro.  Culatello is considered the filet mignon of prosciutto.  This dish was delicious!!
Cheers to our first night in Italy!!
If you're ever in the area, I highly suggest this fun wine bar.  They have a very nice selection of wine by the glass and they are reasonably priced.  The food is also delicious! 

Entocea Cavour 313
Via Cavour 313
Rome, Italy