Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hotel Enza (Florence, Italy)

We stayed at Hotel Enza for 4 nights.  It was about a 10 minute walk from the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence.  It was in the San Lorenzo area of Florence, north of the train station.  The location itself was convenience enough but yet outside more of the real touristy area of the city.  We were close to the Central Market but still within walking distance from the Duomo.  Note the hotel did not have an elevator and there were 2 flights of stairs.  It also did not offer breakfast.

The room itself was newer (recently remodeled?).  We had a queen sized bed and a pull out couch.  The desk staff was hit or miss.  There were some that were very helpful and others that were grouchy and gruff.  One refused to give me extra towels.  When I explain why I needed them, you'll understand.  

While the room itself was large by European standards, the bathroom appeared just as new and spacious.  The room came with air conditioning, cable tv and free wifi (even in the rooms).  However the shower was a whole other story.  I'm not sure how you're supposed to use this shower.  Perhaps I'm just a silly American but for the life of me I didn't understand why there was no enclosure for the shower.  There was no lip in the floor to contain the water.  The shower curtain was a joke as it did not contain the water running out from under it.  Personally, I think they missed something in the a shower door!!!

I was the first victim of the shower.  The first night I took a shower.  At the end, I was standing in water.  The entire floor of the bathroom was covered in water.  The water even seeped under the bathroom door and into the bedroom area.  We had to use the hand towels to mop up the mess.  We mentioned it to the front desk in the morning and they said ok.  They would look into it.  The second night was when I asked for extra towels.  I was told no.  Instead, I should go see if the shower still leaks and come back if I need the towels.  No, I would like extra towels now I said because if it leaks, I don't want to have to come back down for the towels.  No, he told me.  Go see if they fixed it first.  

Grrr.  Of course I knew it was not "fixed".  So on the second, third and forth nights we got good at building beaver dams.  As you can see in this photo, here's the aftermath of our beaver dams.  It was comical yet frustrating at the same time.
If they would only fix the shower situation this hotel could be better.  For now, stay here at your own risk.  Be sure to check out the shower before you start running the water.  Just sayin....

Hotel Enza
Via San Zanobi 45
Florence, Italy
ph: +39 055 490990