Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Foro Romano (Rome, Italy)

The Foro Romano or the Roman Forum was the religious, political and commercial center of the city of Rome.  What remains in the valley between Capitol and Palatine Hills are columns, broken fragments of marble and the remains of temples, palaces and shops.  The ruins are not of one period, but of almost 900 years (from 500 BC to AD 400).
This area was the original Forum or the main square.  In this area were temples, courts of law, government buildings and arches.  Rome was said to be born here. 

This is the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina.  The Roman Senate built this temple to honor Emperor Antoninus Pius (AD 138-161) and his wife, Faustina.  The columns stand 50 feet high.  In 1550, a church was housed here.  

The Arch of Titus commemorated the Roman victory over the province of Judaea (Israel) in AD 70.  The Israelites believed in only one god, which wasn't the emperor of Rome.  This angered the emperor.  Israel revolted against Rome.  The Romans defeated the Israelites, took Jerusalem and destroyed their temple.  They left just what remains today (the "Wailing Wall").  50,000 Jewish slaves were brought to Rome and forced to build this arch and the Colosseum.  
The inside of the arch shows the Romans bringing back treasures from their conquering of Jerusalem.
The other side shows Emperor Titus in a chariot being crowned by the goddess Victory.

This road is Via Sacra and it leads from the Arch of Titus to Capitol Hill.  This was the main street of the Forum.  

Foro Romano (Roman Forum)
Via della Salaria Vecchia 5/6
Rome, Italy


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