Monday, August 12, 2013

Harvest Monday 8/12/13

It's Monday already??!!  Where did the weekend go?  I picked the last of the plums from my tree this week.  I forgot to take a photo.  Boo!    

This week the cherry tomatoes have been coming in fast and furious.  I picked this bunch about midweek.  There are some volunteers among the bunch.  Looks like I have a volunteer Amish Paste tomato plant as well as another unknown tomato that gives smaller oval shaped red fruit.  I'm not quite sure what it is.

Yesterday I picked more cherry tomatoes.  A few of the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes were ripe.  These were my aunt's favorite tomato last year.  I also spotted a small ripe Green Zebra tomato.  I love the color on the green zebra.  They are green but when ripe have a lovely chartruese color.  I had a ton more Shishito peppers that were ready too!

Here's what I did with my Shishito peppers.  I love them in a no fuss why.  I wash then and pat the dry really well.  I throw them in a hot pan with olive oil and fry them until the outsides are blistered.  

When they're done, I sprinkle with simple sea salt and Shichimi Togarashi.  Shichimi Togarashi is a Japanese condiment made of a mixture of 7 different ingredients including chili flakes, sesame seeds, nori and citrus peel to name a few.  You can find it in most Asian food stores.  

Happy Harvest!!

This week's totals:
- Tomato (volunteers): 0.65 lb
- Tomato (cherry): 1.23 lb
- Plums: 0.82 lb
- Peppers (Shishito): 0.42 lb
- Tomato (Green Zebra): 0.08 lb


Susan Zentmyer said...

Lots of tomatoes - yum!!

Shawn Ann said...

Your harvest looks great. I love to have volunteers! And your plums from last week look just great too!

Norma Chang said...

A beautiful collection of cherry tomatoes. I too love the Green Zebra tomato. Are those peppers sweet or spicy?

nutmeg gardener said...

Wonderful peppers and tomatoes! My peppers are a pretty big fail this year, unlike last summer when I was swimming in them.

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

I love shishito! The stir fry looks delicious!

Jenny said...

Beautiful tomatoes and peppers!

Mac said...

Beautiful tomatoes.
Aren't those shishito peppers super productive? Got to love them.

Kelli said...

Great harvest, I like the look of the shishito peppers.