Saturday, July 27, 2013

Late July Garden Tour - Part 1

 Since I've been MIA the entire summer, I thought I would give you a peek at the late July garden.  There's lots going on and I've been barely able to keep up.  

My plum tree seems to be maturing.  Last year I have all but 3 plums.  I threatened the plum tree and this year he/she delivered.  This year looks promising!  I counted about a dozen purple plums.  They're still a little ways out but I'm excited to have some plums! Can you spot the purple suckers!  
The plum tree is getting larger and starting to shade out this raised bed.  On the left are kohlrabi and on the right are some beets.  The beets were growing really well then got hit with leaf miners and then we had a hot spell where I didn't get to water them right away and the leaves took a hit.  I hope these guys make it!

My lettuce have been overgrown by the red cabbages so I decided to plant a small salad bowl and keep it on my deck.  This is a mixed greens bowl.

The kale that grew unprotected seem to have done better than the ones I had covered to protect them from cabbage moths.  Seems the moths got into the cover anyway and caused havoc.  These have some caterpillar damage but all in all it wasn't too bad.  

I love eggplant.  The one on the left are 2 Millionaire eggplants.  I had grown these from seed but they looked pretty pathetic when I planted them out.  I bought the Ichiban eggplant on the right as a larger plant and as an insurance policy.  Funny but the ones on the left thrived once planted outside and they quickly caught up to the other plant.  Oh well, more eggplant for me!! 

Speaking of more eggplant, the Ichiban was first to set fruit.  It also has lots of pretty purple flowers.  I'm (im)patiently waiting!

The Millionaire eggplant is just behind, having also set it's first fruit!

This is Red Ace Cabbage that I planted in the spring.  It's still taking it's sweet time.  I wonder if it's just time to harvest it??  The heads are still pretty small.  

Here are the green beans (front) and cucumbers (back).  This year my cucumbers didn't fare well.  I think it's because we had a spell of rainy days that killed them.  I have several varieties of cucumbers growing: Lemon, Diva and Suyo.  

My spring leeks were left in the ground to flower.  The bees seem to LOVE the blossoms so I usually leave them for a while.

This year I tried to plant a Artichoke plant.  It's been growing well and a tomatillo plant sprouted up in the same pot.  

Here's my blueberry bush that's been very productive this year!

This is another Japanese eggplant I grew from seed.  It's called Kamo eggplant.  It's small (palmsized) and again, I didn't have hopes they would survive.  But hooray!

This is a Bush Delicata Squash.  I grew a vining variety last year but thought I would try the bush version this year.

Thanks for visiting my summer garden.  Part 2 to follow...


Mac said...

Thanks for the tour, you'll love Ichiban Eggplant, last year I grew 2 plants, they kept on going going and going, too many fruits!

Will you come talk to my gooseberry plants? I got zippo since I planted them 2 yrs ago.

Kelli said...

You've alot of nice plants growing. I really like your mixed greens salad bowl.

Anonymous said...

Yayy your back! I thought you had gone off to a long vacation someplace exotic, but here you are with a veritable Garden of Eden with everything looking great. We had a very lousy spring - nuff said. I hope you'll be doing some traveling soon!