Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sowing More Peas and Spring Greens Update

My peas have finally began to surface.  This year I'm trying Sugar Sprint Snap Peas and Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas.  The first batch of peas that are starting to poke out of the soil in the background were sown outdoors on March 12th, 2013.  A second row went in today to see if I can stagger my harvest this year.  I usually just plant one row of peas.  This year I'm trying something new by successive plantings.  As you can see, the radishes and daikon are also starting to appear.  So far they have survived the slugs!    
This bed of greens was also planted on March 12th.  You can click here to see the before photos of both beds.  Today, the greens are growing extremely well.  
I first had them under the box cover but they soon outgrew it.  I recently put up the cloche tunnel for them to enjoy the sunshine and breezes.  The spinach and some outer leaves of the lettuce will make a nice salad later this week.  The kale and broccoli are also coming along very well!  

Direct Sowed:
- Snap Peas - Sugar Spring
- Snow Peas - Oregon Sugar Pod II