Monday, April 29, 2013

Harvest Monday 4/29/13

This week's harvest was filled with greens galore.  Early in the week I picked some Lacinato kale and some outer leaves of the gorgeous Merlot leaf lettuce.  The lettuce went into salads this week. 
Later in the week I picked more lettuce and some spinach leaves.  I ended up with a lot of lettuce and shared some with the neighbors.  The kale and spinach went into a quick and easy lemon pasta dish.  You can find the recipe here.  

Here I picked some Swiss chard plants that were starting to bolt.  I also decided to pull out the radicchio to make room in the raised beds.
The Castlelfranco radicchio was beautiful with speckled leaves.  It's my first success growing this as all the other years it usually bolts or the aphids get to it.  This year this volunteer was successful.  

I also picked more overwintered leeks to share with a friend.
This was a last minute harvest.  These few stems of kale went into a delicious juice.  
Happy Harvest!!

This week's harvest totals:
  - Kale = 0.49 lb
  - Spinach = 0.22 lb
  - Lettuce = 0.73 lb
  - Radicchio = 0.2 lb
  - Swiss chard = 0.33 lb
  - Leeks = 0.85 lb


Amber said... all looks beautiful! Castelfranco is one of my favorite radicchios!

Nathalie Willmott said...

Great harvest!