Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Gardening in Las Vegas

The weather was beautiful in Las Vegas during my visit.  My eldest niece asked me if we could go to the nursery and buy flowers and a new Kevin.  What's a "new Kevin" you maybe asking.  A few years ago my eldest niece, Arianna, and I went to the nursery in Las Vegas for vegetable plants.  She insisted on a yard decoration that was an obnoxious and colorful wacky bird.  She called him "Kevin" like the bird in the movie "Up".   Before my brother was able to secure Kevin in the yard, Arianna bobbed Kevin up and down making a "cacaw cacaw" sound.  It was hysterical.  We all got a kick out of it.  Unfortunately Kevin did not fare well in the Las Vegas heat.  This year he was kicked to the curb.  

We went to the nursery and picked out a few plants.  My sister-in-law said no vegetables this year.  The kids didn't eat them in the past and my brother refuses to eat anything that comes out of his yard.  Between the dogs and a cat, he's convinced someone has pooped on the vegetables before they make it into the house.  *insert me rolling my eyes*.  Flowers it was this year.  The two older girls said they would help.  Aunty Holly was tricked again into doing all the planting.  

This time, Arianna picked a pink duck for Aubrey (who's 2 yrs old) and aunty picked a pinwheel for Avery (who just turned 1 yr old).  For herself, Arianna picked a purple and blue hummingbird.  There were no Kevin's at the nursery this year!

I had one pot left so I sprinkled in some Zinnia seeds and some carrot seeds.  Let's hope they grow!


Tree Removal Brooklyn said...

Spring gardening couldn't get any better, right! Except for the fact that it recently snowed here and that kind of did a number on my flowers already.

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