Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Overwintered Vegetables

It was a beautiful day today and it was my one day off!  I finally had time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs this week and many of them have tempted me with their gardening stories.  Many of my gardening friends have already seeded peas outside, done their winter cleanup and prep and have even started seeds.  Me, none of the above!!  It made me realize that I was plenty behind on my gardening.  I took advantage of the sun today to do some weeding and prepare my raised beds for spring planting. 

It seems that there were some vegetables that had survived winter.  The Swiss chard was still alive but in terrible need of cleaning up.  The box lid was down and so all of the leaves were mangled and overgrown.     

  I was happy to find a vegetable surprise.  Hiding under the carnage was a single radicchio plant.  

After clean up, the Swiss chard seemed salvageable.  I trimmed and side dressed them with chicken manure and gave them a nice water.  Hopefully they'll continue to produce until I'm able to grow more from seed to replace these plants.   

I was happy to have some overwintered vegetables to start off the 2013 vegetable gardening season.  


Heather said...

Holly, Everything looks great! It was a very nice day... and the evening is mild too- just got back from a stroll with my Tilly dog.
Keep up the good work:) Heather

~Holly~ said...

Hi Heather!! Thanks for visiting! It's warming up here!! Soon it'll be gardening and frolicking outside weather!! =0)