Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Grab and Go: Starbuck's Perfect Oatmeal Knock-off

I love Starbuck's Perfect Oatmeal!  The mixed nuts, dried fruit and oatmeal make me feel warm and fuzzy and fill me up.  I find that the additional fruit and nuts keeps me fuller longer than plain oatmeal.  I indulge every once in a while when I'm stopping in for my cup of coffee, however the oatmeal adds up at around $2.50 a pop.  I usually love steel-cut oats and will often make a big pot of it for the work week.  However, on busy weeks, there's often no time to cook these ahead of time.  I work at a hospital and the cafeteria serves Bob's steel-cut oatmeal (my favorite).  But again, buying daily breakfast can add up.  

On days that I don't have time to make breakfast, I like to prep these grab and go portions.  I buy plain instant oatmeal and pair them with pre-packed dried cranberries and dry roasted sliced almonds.  I portion out the fruit and nuts in snack sized ziplocs so I can just grab and go.  
Bringing this to work instead of having to buy my breakfast makes me feel good.  I just heat up my oatmeal and stir in the nuts and fruit.  I usually find the dried fruit has enough sugar so I  don't need any additional sweetener.  But if you find you do, consider brown sugar or honey.  It does take a little prep work to portion out the fruits and nuts but it sure helps save a lot of money!

Have you had you oatmeal today??  I have!  =0)