Monday, October 1, 2012

Harvest Monday 9/24/12 and 10/1/12

Okay I've been a real slacker this month.  Once again this is two weeks worth of harvest totals.  Last week I got busy so was only able to harvest enough Asian greens for dinner.  From left to right are Baby Bok Choy, Misome and bolting Chinese Cabbage.  
I turned these greens into this amazing Mushroom Hot Pot.  I've blogged the recipe before.  You must try it.  It's simple yet delicious!

This week I finally got around to harvesting the hoards of tomatoes that were ripening on the vine.  What can I say?  We've had an amazing Indian summer here in Portland.  Day temps are still in the high 70's while the nights are dipping into the 50's.  The tomatoes are still going strong.  I'm hoping to get in one more harvest before it's time to pick the rest of the green tomatoes.  I'm so excited with this amazing paste tomato harvest!!  I'm going to can some diced tomatoes this year (a first for me!).

These are a mixture of Anana Orange, Kelloggs Breakfast, Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Heinz, Amish Paste, Rosso Sicilian and San Marzano tomatoes.
I also picked all the decent sized peppers from the plants.  I'm going to pickle some of these.  It's a mixture of Jalapenos, Cherry bombs, Gypsy and Greek Pepperoncini peppers.  Not pictured are the Hot Hungarians and Sweet Banana peppers that I harvested.
The Millionaire Eggplants look like they're succumbing to the cool night temps.  I harvested all the decent sized eggplants too.  I haven't decided what to do with all of them.  My favorite way to make them is simply grilled or broiled.  I may stir-fry them or make baba ganoush.  The peppers are my favorite, Shishito peppers.  
At the last minute, I also harvested 3 Kamo eggplant.  These are a small Japanese variety.  I also picked a few tomatillos and 3 small Delicata winter squash.  I'm not sure how to tell if these are ready or not but they had an orange blush to them.
More cherry tomatoes!!  To the left are Sweet 100's and Sungold.  To the right are Chocolate Cherry.

Here are my 2 week's worth of harvest totals:

Week of 9/24/12
- Misome = 0.14 lb
- Baby Bok Choy = 0.37 lb
- Chinese Cabbage = 0.39 lb

Week of 10/1/12
- Tomatoes:
   - Amana Orange = 3.41 lb
   - Kelloggs Breakfast = 0.74 lb
   - Green Zebra = 3.44 lb
   - Cherokee Purple = 5.37 lb (largest single tomato = 1.35 lb)
   - Volunteer plant (Cherokee Purple?) = 4.47 lb
   - Heinz = 4.79 lb
   - Volunteer plant (Kelloggs Breakfast?) = 1.05 lb
   - Amish Paste = 7.68 lb
   - Rosso Sicilian = 0.51 lb
   - San Marzano = 1.06 lb
   - Chocolate Cherry = 2.35 lb
   - Cherry tomatoes = 3.06 lb
- Millionaire Eggplant = 3.29 lb
- Kamo Eggplant = 0.55 lb
- Peppers:
   - Shishito = 0.6 lb
   - Gypsy  = 0.52 lb
   - Cherry Bomb = 1.18 lb
   - Sweet Banana = 0. 15 lb
   - Jalapeno = 0.96 lb
   - Hot Hungarian Wax = 0.13 lb
   - Greek Pepperoncini = 0.31 lb
- Delicata Winter Squash = 1.81 lb
- Tomatillo = 0.48 lb


TS said...

Whoa! Everything looks so beautiful!!! The weather you have there has definitely been great for your garden this year.