Monday, September 3, 2012

Harvest Monday 9/3/12

This week's harvest was a harvest of tomatoes and peppers!  Here's a shot of things harvested early in the week.  Some large tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and some Shishito peppers.

I finally pulled out some the rest of my spring beets.  These did not grow well this year in the spot I had them in.  It may have been too shaded or they were just stubborn.  There was one larger Chiogga beet and a lot of baby beets.  I had to make room for my fall starts so out the pathetic beets went and in went some peas.
Later in the week I harvested lots of peppers.  In the upper left hand corner are Jalapenos and below them are a couple of Shishito peppers and a single Gypsy pepper.  A single Asian cucumber was harvested as well as a lot of Greek pepperoncini peppers.

Last, but not least....more tomatoes!!  Yummy!!

Happy Harvest!!  
This week's harvest totals:
- Peppers:
   - Shishito: 0.39 lb
   - Gypsy: 0.1 lb
   - Jalapeno: 0.25 lb
   - Greek Pepperoncini: 0.56 lb
- Chiggoa Beets: 0.52 lb
- Asian Cucumbers: 0.49 lb
- Tomatoes:
   - Cherry: 2.34 lb
   - Cherokee Purple: 0.4 lb
   - Rosso Sicilian: 1.94 lb
   - Amish Paste: 2.1 lb
   - Paul Robeson: 0.27 lb
   - Amana Orange: 1.26 lb
   - Chocolate Cherry: 0.55 lb
   - Heinz: 0.35 lb


Robin said...

Oh boy, your still getting some nice summer harvests!

Mary Hysong said...

wow what a great harvest! Love all the colors and shapes.

kitsapFG said...

Look at all those beautiful tomatoes and peppers too! Having a warm up this week has been wonderful - I just might get some tomatoes before frosts myself at this rate. :D

Rowena said...

I haven't had much luck in growing really large beets either but I still keep trying anyway. Your harvest is a-rockin'.....I'm still waiting for the big tomatoes to ripen up!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Beautiful bounty harvest! Love that basket full of tomatoes with different varieties so pretty. Nice pepper harvest :).