Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Monday 9/10/12 and 9/17/12

Since I didn't post last week, this is two week's worth of harvest photos and totals.  The warm weather veggies keep on coming.  It seems I can hardly keep up.

Harvest Monday 9/10/12
Last week I harvested some Millionaire eggplant, Shishito peppers, Tomatillos, Cherry Bomb Peppers and one lonely Sunburst Scallop squash.
Early in the week, I harvested a good amount of tomatoes.  The orange ones on the left are Amana Orange.  The three large tomatoes in the middle are from a mystery volunteer plant that I think is Ananas Noire.  It's produced the largest tomatoes in my garden this season thus far.  On the top right are some Rosso Sicilian and below those are the orange Kellogg's Breakfast.

As I mentioned before, the Ananas Noire produced the largest tomatoes thus far.  This is the largest of them all and clocked in at 1.58 pounds!  I wasn't very impressed with the taste of these tomatoes last year but this year I was pleasantly surprised.

More Sungold Cherry and Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes plus Chocolate Cherry tomatoes were rolling in.

During the later part of the week, I harvested still more tomatoes.  This time it was more Kellogg's Breakfast, Heinz, Amish Paste and Cherokee Purple.  I also harvested a few more tomatillos, a Cherry Bomb pepper and some Shishito peppers.
I love how pretty all the tomatoes look!!

These were more Amana Orange, Green Zebra and Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes.

Lastly, I harvested what maybe the last of the Asian Cucumbers.  Powdery mildew may have claimed my cucumber plants.  Of course, more cherry tomatoes!!!

Harvest Monday 9/17/12
This week was mostly tomatoes.  I think it's time to make salsa!!  Here was a harvest of cherry tomatoes (mostly Sun Gold but some Sweet 100's) and Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes.  My aunt loves the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes.  Where is she when there is a large harvest like this??

The four large tomatoes on the top were the volunteer that I think is Ananas Noire.  Again, they are large tomatoes.  The red tomatoes on the left are a Heinz variety.  I like these because they are large and  good paste tomatoes.  To the right of those are Green Zebra.  This year this variety matured slower than previous years but have produced larger tomatoes.  To the far right are the Amana Orange variety.

This try hold peppers galore!  From top to bottom we have Jalapenos, Cherry Bomb and Gypsy Sweet peppers.  To the right of those are a line of Greek Pepperoncinis and on top of those are a single Hot Hungarian Wax and a Sweet Banana pepper.  The tomatoes on the far right are all Kellogg's Breakfast.

This tray is filled with Tomatillos, San Marzano tomatoes below and some Millionaire eggplant.  The orange tomatoes are an unknown variety that were volunteers (maybe Kellogg's Breakfast).  The rest are Amish Paste from my grafted tomato plant.  The grafted tomato plant produces crazy yields!!  There are also 3 Rosso Sicilian tomatoes on the bottom.

Happy Harvest!!

Harvest Totals for 9/10/12
- Sunburst Scallop Squash = 0.66 lb
- Millionaire Eggplant= 0.83 lb
- Peppers
   - Shishito = 0.34 lb
   - Cherry Bomb=0.46 lb
   - Greek Pepperoncini=0.15 lb
- Tomatillos=1.29 lb
- Asian Cucumber=1.89 lb
- Tomatoes
   - Cherry =5.94 lb
   - Kellogg's Breakfast=1.59 lb
   - Rosso Sicilian=0.73 lb
   - Amish Paste = 1.41 lb
   - Ananas Noire=4.98 lb
   - Amana Orange=7.27 lb
   - Heinz=1.08 lb
   - Chocolate Cherry=-2.55 lb
   - Cherokee Purple=1.26 lb
   - San Marzano = 0.77 lb
   - Green Zebra = 0.81lb

Harvest Totals for 9/17/12
- Tomatoes:
   - Cherry=2.76 lb
   - Chocolate Cherry=2.09 lb   
   - Kellogg's Breakfast=4.08 lb
   - Amana Orange=2.47 lb
   - Green Zebra=2.37 lb
   - Heinz=1.34 lb
   - Ananas Noire=4.28 lb
   - San Marzano=0.78 lb
   - Rosso Sicilian=0.62 lb
   - Orange Volunteer (Kellogg's Breakfast?)=1.7 lb
   - Amish Paste=3.36 lb
- Millionaire Eggplant=0.58 lb
- Tomatillos=1.84 lb
- Peppers:
   - Hot Hungarian=0.03 lb
   - Sweet Banana=0.05 lb
   - Gypsy Sweet=0.3 lb
   - Cherry Bomb=0.64 lb
   - Greek Pepperoncini=0.61 lb
   - Jalapeno=0.9 lb


kitsapFG said...

What a gorgeous mix of tomatoes and peppers in your harvest baskets this past two weeks. My tomatoes are ripening (finally) but I am likely going to have a lot of them that will come off the vine to ripen inside since the window of opportunity to finish maturing and ripen is getting smaller and smaller. Luckily the week ahead is looking like great weather so maybe more can ripen on the vine before I have to take those steps.

Norma Chang said...

What a beautiful collection of tomatoes. My plants had late blight so no more tomatoes until next year.

Shawn Ann said...

Beautiful tomatoes! I am not sure my chocolate cherry's look quite that dark!

Rowena said...

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! I especially like that Amana Orange and its funky-cute shape. And that Ananas Noire at 1.58! I'm glad you got volunteers that actually worked out to your liking this year. I grew them once and thought they were so-so, but that could be due to the lousy location that I put them in (largely clay/mixed dirt with no compost at all). Glad to get some honest opinion on the chocolate cherries...I am eyeing the seeds for that one but now am more convinced that I should get them.

Jenny said...

WOW! that is fantastic harvest for one week! Those tomatoes are gorgeous. I'll be planting Amana Orange next year so can't wait to try it.

Susan Zentmyer said...

Such amazing tomatoes!

TS said...

Wonderful harvests! I love the shishito peppers (I'm also Japanese!) but I didn't plan enough to grow them this year. Definitely next year!

Mary Hysong said...

wow that is a wonderful tomato and pepper harvest! Great variety and quantity! I'm going to have to plant more tomatoes next year! I haven't gotten as many as I'd like to eat fresh, let alone any for salsa or canning this year.

Barbie~ said...

AMAZING tomato harvest. I'm jealous. mine all failed this year. Miserably.

Wendy said...