Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sign of Things to Come

As I was tending to the garden, I noticed several tomatoes blushing and some near ready.  There were also several other fruit striving to be ready to pick.  I got out my camera and took a break from the gardening to snap a few photos.

This one is an Amana Orange tomato.  It's my first year growing it so I'm excited for this one to ripen so I can have the first taste.  

These Green Zebra tomatoes almost snuck right by me.  I didn't notice that they are really really close to ripening.  You can tell because although they're a green tomato variety, they start to develop beautiful yellow (near chartreuse) colored stripes.  They're one of my favorites to grow cause they're so pretty and usually an earlier variety for me.  

The cherry tomatoes are growing like crazy.  I've been picking them every other day.  I've shared and shared and shared.  I'm also convinced that by the end of summer, I'll have eaten my weight in cherry tomatoes!

This one is still green but I wanted to show it off.  It's a monster and easily larger than my palm.  I'm not sure what variety it is.  It's a volunteer plant.  Still waiting for it to declare itself so I can guess the variety.  So far though, it's not playing along!

Clusters full of Rosso Sicilian tomatoes.  This one is also new for my garden this year.  It's an Italian heirloom tomato with ribbed edges.  It's said to be great for saucing or making paste.  So far it's been very prolific with lots of fruit and flowers.

My 2 Millionaire eggplants have so far performed like a million bucks.  Each plant is very prolific, sending out tons of fruit and flowers.  This one plant has at least 6 or 7 fruit and lots of flowers.  Lucky I *heart* eggplant!

The "Asian" cucumber bought from the nursery is doing extremely well this year.  It has lots of cucumbers and flowers.  I'm still not sure what kind of "Asian" cucumber it is but its been a nice crisp and very tasty variety.   

I've never had good luck growing melons and watermelons.  Our extremely short summers put a damper on growing conditions.  It never stops me from trying though.  So far no fruit on the watermelon plant but eye spy with my little eye.....a tiny melon!  This one is a French Charentais variety.  It's smaller than a tennis ball right now but I'm hoping I'll get one ripe melon before fall. 

I've never grown Delicata Winter Squash before but have been excited about the results.  So far I have about 4 fruit on my vining type and another couple on the bush variety.  I love the sweet flesh of the Delicata when it's roasted.  Mmm...can't wait!

This one is Kelloggs Breakfast.  I loved the taste of these last year.  I'm hoping this year they don't disappoint!

This is the little Cherokee Purple that could.  The plant suffered leaf roll early on and never produced new leaves.  The vine continues to push out flowers though and some of the fruit (although small) are starting to ripen.  I hope they taste good!

Here's my container Marionberry that I just planted this year.  I really didn't expect any fruit at all but here's a cluster of yumminess.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm pretty excited and proud of this little plant!

Here's just a small sample of all the exiting things to come from the summer garden.  What have been your most anticipated fruits or veggies?  For me it's definitely been the tomatoes.  I wait all summer for them and then they all start to ripen at the same time.  I'm hoping they'll be ready soon!


Jenny Rottinger said...

Looks like you'll have a wonderful harvest soon! Can't wait to see your review of Amana Orange on taste.

rowena said...

I figure that our growing conditions/climate are pretty much equal but holy cow on the large tomatoes! I think I've got atleast a couple weeks to wait until the cherokee purples and marmandes show any sign of blushing.

Ditto on the cherry tomatoes (picking every other day), but hardly enough to share. Do you even dry some to freeze? I made a whole bunch last year and they ended up not being enough to last me until the next summer. I dive into those babies in the dead of winter and add them to pasta or gnocchi with quartered artichokes (bought frozen). Sure brings a little bit of summer back when it's freezing outside.