Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Late July Garden Tour - A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Besides tomatoes, there's a lot of other things going on in the garden.  My strawberries were replanted this year so fruit production was very small.  My raspberries are at the end of production (after I chopped the canes a little too late in the season).  The marionberry plant that I bought this year surprised me with a few berries that are still green.

The Dwarf Santa Rosa Plum tree that I planted a few years ago finally has plums!  Last year there was one whole plum that did not taste very good.  This year I counted at least 5 fruit.  I'm sooo excited.  They're turning purple!!  I'm not a huge plum fan but my dad is.  He's been eyeballing these since he's gotten here.  

These are some onions that bolted.  I thought I'd let the flowers bloom and now the bees are very thankful.  I'll have to pull them out soon but I haven't had the heart since the bees are still very excited by the blooms!

The winter squash are holding its own.  Here's a Hokkaido Stella Blue Squash.  I hope this fruit makes it.  All the others have turned yellow and got picked off.

The Delicata has done well.  I had one plant (bush variety) that I thought was dying.  I bought another plant to take it's place (a vine type) and now I'm stuck with both.  Between the two different types, I hope I get a few squash for the fall.  I love Delicata!
The eggplant are doing well despite the dismal summer.  It hasn't been hot at all here.  We haven't had one day over 90 yet....mostly 70's and low 80's.  Apparently this weekend we're expecting 90 degree weather finally!!  My warm weather veggies will be so very happy!

I have two Millionaire eggplants this year.  It's been very productive for my in the past.  This year is no exception.  Both plants have already set fruit and have a lot of flowers already!  The Rosa Bianca eggplant, however, looks like it's just setting one fruit thus far.

I've harvested green beans like crazy this year.  Here they are all propped up.  They're two varieties: Bush Blue Lake and French Filet.

The cucumbers are coming along.  I have a few small cucumbers on the Regal Pickler plant.  The bees look to be doing their job this summer.  Let's hope this is the site of a future cucumber!  

Here's my first Asian cucumber of the year!  Look how curvy it got.  LOL!  The Parisian Pickling cucumbers that I sowed did not come up this year and I tried twice (both unsuccessfully) to plant Lemon cucumbers.  *sigh*  I'm sad because I love lemon cukes!  I've been unsuccessful in finding more starters.  Maybe next year!

After a very slow start, my summer squash are finally producing fruit.  Here's the zucchini.  I placed cardboard under them so they wouldn't lay on the ground and attract slugs and rot.

This one is the Italian heirloom variety called Costata Romanesco.  I hear they're very tasty and in fact one of the best tasting summer squashes.  I can't wait to try this guy!

The Sunburst Scallop summer squashes are also producing.  Last time I checked I counted at least 4 fruit growing.  I love how pretty the patty pan squashes are.  

Holy Tomatillos Batman!!  I think I got a little too carried away with the tomatillos.  Last year I planted 2 plants and got lots of fruit.  I read somewhere that tomatillos are only semi-self-fertile.  You need at least 2 plants for a decent harvest.  I originally had two plants but one looked like it was on it's last breath so I bought a third.  Well the dying one came back to life and now I have 3.  Needless to say, I'll have more than enough tomatillos for salsa verde!!  The fruit are almost ready to be picked!  I can't wait!

I have a lot of pepper plants this year.  Here's just a few.  I'm anxiously awaiting these guys.  These are Japanese Shishito peppers.  They're my favorite!  I planted two plants to maximize harvests!  Did I mention how much I love them?  They're similar to the Spanish Padron peppers. 

Here's some Jalapeno peppers almost ready for harvest.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of these peppers.  There are a lot on this one plant!!

Thanks for stopping buy and visiting the rest of my garden.  I hope you're enjoying your summer!