Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/6/12

It's been an exciting week here in Oregon.  Not only did we finally have some 90+ degree weather, we exceeded it!  On Saturday the high soared to 103.  That was a crazy jump for us considering that Portland hasn't been above 90 this summer yet.  Sunday was another scorcher at 90+.  

Early in the week, I picked the rest of the peas and pulled out the plants.  I've been chitting more pea seeds for my fall planting and it will go into the same spot.  I also harvested a heck of a lot of cherry tomatoes (both Sweet 100 and Sun Gold).  I also found a head of garlic.  I planted garlic last year but they were unsuccessful.  Apparently one head grew.  It's a small head so I'm hoping I can cure it and replant in the fall.  I believe this is the Spanish Roja variety of hardneck garlic.  Anyone try replanting garlic from ones they've harvested?  

My summer squash finally set in.  While everyone else around the country are rolling in squash, this is my first harvest of the season.  My plants look pitiful though.  They're planted in the yucky clay soil so I didn't expect much.  Now they look like they have powdery mildew developing.  I'm hoping these are not the only squash I see all season.  Cross your fingers for my squash plants.  Here's 3 varieties: Sunburst Scallop, Costata Romaneso and Zucchini.  I also picked 3 lonely Shishito Peppers.  Yum!  I love these peppers!  

More basil was harvested to make spaghetti sauce.

Another first this week was my long awaited Dwarf Santa Rosa plums.  My tree is a young tree and has yet to produce fruit.  Last year was the first year I had fruit - one whole plum.  This year I had about half a dozen or so.  Exciting stuff!!  I haven't tried them yet, but my dad says they were good and had a touch of melon aftertaste. 

I'd like to think this basket of goodies was due to the glorious weather we had this weekend but I know that's not the case.  Either way, more garden goodies awaited.  More first harvests for this season for me were Millionaire eggplant, Tomatillos, Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, Jalapeno peppers and an Asian cucumber.  These were definitely the last of the blueberries (I know I said that last week but this week I'm sure!).  I also pulled more green beans (Bush Blue Lake and French Filet) and more cherry tomatoes.  

Happy Harvest to you!!

This week's totals:
- cherry tomatoes = 1.18 lb
- peas = 0.92 lb
- garlic = 0.05 lb
- basil = 0.14 lb
- summer squash = 2.13 lb
- blueberries = 0.1 lb
- Shishito peppers = 0.03 lb
- plums = 0.43 lb
- Millionaire eggplant = 0.44
- Jalapeno peppers = 0.34 lb
- Hungarian Hot Wax peppers = 0.05 lb
- tomatillos = 0.28 lb
- green beans = 0.31 lb
- Asian cucumbers = 0.77 lb

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Rowena said...

103 degrees!!!! The highest we've had is a wimpy 88° and only because of that did anything start going into overdrive in the garden. Again, I am so blown away by your garden harvest (3 squashes!!!) and am thinking yep, if we ever move back to the states, it's gonna have to be Oregon.

Michelle said...

Whew, you had some toasty weather, it hasn't gotten anywhere near that hot here. You've got a great variety of veggies that your harvesting, it's all beautiful.

Susan said...

Great harvest! Warm weather helps our gardens, but 103 is getting to be a bit much!

Cristy said...

Great harvests. I love the eggplants.

Adventures in Agriburbia said...

Nice harvest. How are you liking the Costata Romanesc0? They have done wonderfully for us.

kitsapFG said...

We got up to just under 90 for a few days this past weekend, but are back down to upper 70's now. The plants definitely did respond but unfortunately the heat is not lasting for any sufficient length of time to really do alot of good.

congratulations on the fruit harvest - it IS exciting when young trees start ramping up production.

On the garlic - I always use some of my harvested garlic as the seed stock for the next fall planting. I always pick the largest and healthiest and hold them out for that purpose.

Orchidea said...

Look at that harvest... so nice! That basil is great, I love basil!

~TastyTravels~ said...

rowena: It was a pretty drastic change from the low 80's we were having all summer long. First day of the summer it hit over 90 and it totally outdid itself! I'm hoping I get more than 3 squash. My squash never do well planted in the clay soil. Maybe next year I'll try containers for them (but then again I said that last year!). Oh yes, move to Oregon!!! :0)

Michelle: It was very warm. We're back down to the low to mid 80's now with occassional high 80 days. So weird our summer has been!

Susan: Thanks! I'm hoping for more warm weather for us but you're right...103 is a tad much. LOL!

crafty cristy: thanks! I'm hoping to grill them with a little basil vinegairete.

adventures in agriburbia: I love love love the taste of Costata Romanesco! Although I hear it's not as productive. I think I'll try again next year cause they taste great!

kitsapFG: Yes I agree. Hopefully we have warm weather ahead for ourselves and the garden. I still have green green tomatoes! I am very excited about the plums! Finally! I was threatening to evict him if he didn't give me something! LOL! I'll have to see if there are any large bulbs in the head. The head itself was pretty small. Thanks for the info though!

Orchidea: Thank you for visiting! I love basil too!! I'm thinking pesto is next!