Monday, August 27, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/27/12

The warm weather veggies keep coming!  This week I harvested more main season tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.  This was my first Rosa Bianco eggplant.  It's the pretty white and lavender one in the back.  I hope it's as tasty as it looks!

Pictured are Millionaire eggplant, Rosa Bianco eggplant, Jalapeno peppers, one Hungarian Hot Wax pepper, Greek Pepperoncini peppers, Chocolate Cherry tomatoes, Paul Robeson tomatoes, Viva Italia tomatoes, Heinz tomatoes, Amana Orange tomato, Rosso Sicilian tomatoes and Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

More cherry tomatoes!  LOL! 

I harvested more Swiss chard and the last of the green beans.  The lettuce that was planted with the fall broccoli and cauliflower are growing well.  I picked the outer leaves this week.

I finally pulled my lonely kohlrabi.  I didn't have good luck with these this year.  The kale and turnips quickly outgrew them so they became very leggy.  All but one plant were pulled out.  This only plant (planted in spring) never developed a large bulb.  I did pretty it up for weighing and sliced it for raw eating.  It was still tasty.  I'll try kohlrabi again this fall.
More tomatillos were pickled as well as another Millionaire eggplant, some basil and the last of the Pickling cucumbers.

Happy Harvest!!

This week's harvest totals:
  - cherry tomatoes = 4.01 lb
  - Viva Italia = 0.09 lb
  - Paul Robeson = 0.28 lb
  - Heinz = 0.34 lb
  - Amana Orange = 0.4 lb
  - Rosso Sicilian = 0.82 lb
  - Chocolate Cherry = 0.53 lb
  - Amish Paste = 0.63 lb
  - Cherokee Purple = 0.39 lb
Green beans = 0.27 lb
Tomatillos = 3.48 lb
  - Jalapeno = 0.82 lb
  - Greek Pepperoncini = 0.17 lb
  - Sweet Banana = 0.04 lb
  - Shishito = 0.16 lb
Millionaire eggplant = 1.78 lb
Rosa Bianco eggplant = 1 lb
Blackberries = 0.07 lb
Kohlrabi = 0.38 lb
Lettuce = 1.23 lb
Swiss chard = 2 lb
Pickling cucumber = 0.13 lb


Mary Hysong said...

looks like you had a great harvest week; I haven't had much luck with kohlrabi myself. May try one more time, and if not, well, other things seem much easier!

Susan said...

Such fabulous tomatoes!

Robin said...

Wow, your harvests were great this week! Lovely eggplants...and everything else!

Stoney Acres said...

Oh I am jealous of those cherry tomatoes. We have really struggled with cherry's for some reason this year. I think it was the heat. We've only had a few handfuls all year.

Rowena said...

You are the Wonder Woman of pumping all kinds of goodies out of your garden. I didn't notice if it was mentioned before, but are your eggplants grown in the ground or in containers?

kitsapFG said...

That basket of cherry tomatoes is so pretty - and I bet they were tasty too!

Lovely harvests this week. You must be enjoying just a bit warmer conditions than we are as my heat lovers are still all moving really really slow to maturity/ripeness.

Jenny Rottinger said...

Wonderful harvest, love the colorful tomatoes and eggplants

Mac said...

Love those cherry tomatoes, they are so pretty in the basket. Am I seeing some shishito peppers in the first photo?