Monday, August 20, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/20/12

Summer is finally doing her thing in Oregon!!  My garden was very bountiful this week!  I'm shocked! I already talked about my neglected Swiss chard.  Fortunately, it appreciated being left alone.  When I finally harvested it, it gave me over 3 pounds worth of veggies.  I used it to make Kalua pig and a yummy side of Swiss chard and froze the rest of the leaves for next time.  I'm not one to waste the Swiss chard stems if I can so I made it into a delicious pickle.  You can see my Swiss chard post here.     

One weird thing I noticed when I was slicing up the leaves was that on the red stemmed Swiss chard, one side was red and the other was orange.  Weird!  This really is the same leaf.  No fooling!

Earlier in the week I also harvested more cherry tomatoes with my first Chocolate Cherry tomato.  This cherry tomato is larger than the others but not as prolific.  We'll see how it passes the taste test.  Exciting news but I harvested the first 2 Green Zebra tomatoes this season.  I love the zingy taste of these!  There was also one Asian Cucumber ready for pickin!

Here are a few Greek Pepperoncini peppers, more cherry tomatoes, a few very small Viva Italia tomatoes from the dying plant and a few Marionberries.

Mid-week I harvested a large basket full of basil.  This went into 2 batches of Roasted Garlic Pesto Sauce and some Basil Vinaigrette.  The recipes will be posted this week.  They were delicious so check back soon!
I picked a few leaves of the fall lettuce to make gyros this week.  I also picked some tomatillos and surprising enough, a few of the main season tomatoes were coming in.  You can't tell but I'm doing a little tomato dance.  Don't look!  

The ribbed tomatoes on the left are Rosso Sicilian, followed by Amana Orange, Cherokee Purple, Amish Paste and Viva Italia. 

This weekend I harvested yet more cherry tomatoes.  Holy cherry tomatoes!!  I brought these over for some friends to share.  There were also a few more Rosso Sicilian tomatoes and Amish Paste tomatoes. I also picked a few Millionaire eggplant on the small side since there were so many fruit on the plant.  Also, I found 3 more ready Asian cucumbers.  These were used for a Tzatziki sauce and sliced veggies.

The peppers are starting to produce too.  Here are Shishito peppers (in the berry basket), Greek Pepperoncini and Jalapenos.  The small red peppers on the bottom of the basket are also Jalapenos.  I'm not sure why they look that way.  Maybe it got cross pollinated by the neighboring Cherry Bomb peppers?  Cute eh?
Happy Harvest!!

This week's harvest totals: 
- Swiss Chard = 3.05 lb
- Tomatoes:
    - Green Zebra = 0.16 lb
    - Cherry tomatoes = 3.82 lb
    - Viva Italia = 0.41 lb
    - Amana Orange = 0.25 lb
    - Rosso Sicilian = 1.18 lb
    - Cherokee Purple = 0.38 lb
    - Amish Paste = 0.28 lb
- Asian cucumber = 3.15 lb
- Peppers:
    - Greek pepperoncini = 0.4 lb
    -  Shishito = 0.12 lb
    - Jalapeno = 0.58 lb
- Marionberries = 0.12 lb
- Basil = 0.42 lb
- Lettuce = 0.17 lb
- Tomatillos = 1.39 lb
- Millionaire eggplant = 1.06 lb

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genkitummy said...

That's a lot of produce! The colorful chard looks beautiful!

Accidentalultrarunner said...

Your tomatoes and eggplant look amazing! Great harvest.

Rowena said...

Holly, you and your garden rock! You just HAD to mention kalua pig didn't you? Everything is gorgeous and tempting as usual. Happy eating all that wonderful produce!

Jenny Rottinger said...

very colorful harvest, love the purple basil and how it stands out against green.

Cristy said...

Everything is beautiful. Congrats on your tomatoes. You deserve to do a happy dance.

kitsapFG said...

I would be doing the tomato happy dance too! :D

Your produce this week is quite impressive. The plants appear to be loving the brief warm up we all experienced on the west coast.

Adventures in Agriburbia said...

What a fantastic harvest this week. I am looking forward to chard in a month or two!

Mary Hysong said...

What a wonderfully varied harvest this week! Great growing!

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

Your tomatoes are perfect looking. Great harvest!