Monday, August 13, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/13/12

This week I tried to harvest some of the herbs that have been growing.  First I started off by snipping some of the dill heads that were already looking dry.  I'll save the dried dill seeds for making pickles.

Next, I cut back the crazy mint.  These are Mint Julep and started growing after I transplanted some of my other herbs in a new box.  Dang mint!  I'll dry these for tea.

These were from a Ginger Mint plant that I will also dry for tea.
Early in the week, I harvested a few more tomatillos, some cherry tomatoes (both Sweet 100 and Sun Gold) and a couple of Shishito Peppers.

Midweek I picked some basil for pizza, a few jalapenos for tomatillo salsa, an Asian cucumber, a Pickling cucumber, a few green beans, a small patty pan squash, one Cherry Bomb pepper and my very first sauce tomatoes of the season.

These sauce tomatoes were from the Viva Italia plant that is no longer producing young healthy leaves. I guess it's the first to ripen since there are no more leaves or flowers so the plant has shifted its energy into ripening the remaining fruit.  

Late in the week I harvested a few more tomatillo to make salsa, a few cherry tomatoes and a few stray blueberries.

Happy Harvest!!

This week's totals:
- Mint Julep = 0.33 lb
- Ginger Mint = 0.1 lb
- Green tomatoes = 0.2 lb
- tomatillos = 1.47 lb
- Shishito peppers = 0.03 lb
- Cherry tomatoes = 0.98 lb
- pickling cucumber = 0.14 lb
- Asian cucumber = 0.55 lb
- Jalapenos = 0.11 lb
- Cherry Bomb pepper = 0.02 lb
- Viva Italia Tomatoes = 0.16 lb
- Sunburst Scallop Squash = 0.28 lb
- Basil = 0.07 lb
- Green beans = 0.15 lb


rowena said...

How cool to see you saving dill seeds for pickling! Oh, and that do they just love to take over whatever space you give them. I've had one in a spot for years and every time I yank it out, it still keeps coming back.

Unknown said...

my mint is huge too! I accidently found this recipe when I was googling around for fingerling potato recipes.
It calls for mint pesto and we tried it the other day (when we had guests to boot!) and everyone loved it. Who would have thought? Try it and see for yourself!

Mary Hysong said...

lovely harvest of herbs; love mints, especially for ice tea in the summer time.

Bee Girl said...

Great harvests! I just realized that our dill has gone to seed, as well! now i just have to get out there and collect them ;-) Thanks for the reminder!!!

kitsapFG said...

I am really deficient on herbs in the garden this year. I ripped out a bunch of my perennial varieties intending to plant up a new herb garden - but never got around to it. The annuals (basil and dill) are doing okay but not producing any over abundance. I need to get my act together and give the herbs a little more focus in next year's garden.

~TastyTravels~ said...

rowena: Well it's kinda by accident. I was going to save the dill heads before they dried for pickling (store them in vinegar until you're ready to use) however I forgot about them and the next thing I knew, they were dried. LOL! OMG! Luckily I never planted the mint in the ground. I did transplant some rosemary to a new planter and the mint just showed up to the party. Grrr!!

Shannan: Oh that sounds good. I'll have to try it cause I have so much more mint to use!!

mary: Oh yes, I've been using it to flavor my tea also!

bee girl: Thanks! You're welcome! =0)

kitsapFG: There's always next year. Every year I think my herbs didn't make it, it keeps returning (esp the mint!!). I love keeping the herbs going because it kills me everytime I have to buy just a few sprigs at the store. They're so dang expensive!!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Gotta love that opportunistic mint!