Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Falling for You

Fall is in the air whether we like it or not.  We're had a few days now where the air is starting to get crisper at night and the sun is setting a lot earlier.  There's no denying Mother Nature....fall is right around the corner.  

I maybe a little late getting these into the ground as I was still waiting and trying to free up space in the summer garden.   This weekend was busy for me as I rushed to plant more fall seedlings.  

I planted some of the fall peas.  These plants were ones I had chitted a few weeks ago and planted into starter packs.  Even after chitting the seeds, I did not have very good germination.  I chitted more seeds and sowed them directly into the bed with the starters.  I hope they turn out!  I planted 3 types of peas for fall: snow, snap and shelling peas.  I couldn't decide so I used up all of my seeds so I can buy fresh ones next spring.  

More of my self-sown seedlings went out this weekend.  Here are some Apollo Broccoli (which are more like broccolini and produce abundant long sideshoots) and Castelfranco Radicchio.  

While my spring Swiss chard are still producing, I had already planted more seedlings for fall.  I decided to plant the new seedlings and once they were established, I'll rip out the old plants.  Sorry spring plants, nothing personal.  

This bed contains 4 Gai Lan plants in the back and 2 different types of Chinese cabbage (Winter Elf and Soloist) as well as Baby Bok Choy.  

I also took the opportunity to direct sow more daikon and turnips.  Here's my list:
- DAIKON - Japanese Long Scarlet
- DAIKON - Shirahime Hatsuka
- TURNIP - Harukei
- TURNIP - Tsugaru Scarlet (Japanese Red)

How is your fall garden coming along?  Are you doing your best to outsmart Mother Nature?

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Wendy said...

fall already? I'm so behind...