Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chitting Peas and More Fall Seedlings

On Friday, August 3rd, I started chitting some pea seeds for a fall planting.  Chitting peas just means to pre-sprout them.  This spring I bought pea starters.  I also attempted a later batch of direct sown seeds.  Those that I tried to sow outside did not sprout well.  I thought maybe it was because my seeds were old.  This time I'll try the chitting method.  

I have three types of peas I'm going to attempt to grow this fall.  I have a snap pea, a snow pea and a shelling pea.  I first labeled each of my mason jars so I wouldn't mix them up.  I counted out 3 pea seeds for each plant I ultimately want to plant and added them to the jar.  Since my seeds were old, I threw about 30 seeds each into each jar.

I soaked my seeds in tepid water for about 8 hours.  After 8 hours of soaking, I drained the water.  Rinsed the seeds again with tepid water and drained again well.  Let the seeds sit in the jar on the counter.  Twice a day, add some tepid water to the jar to rinse seeds and drain well.  
In 2-4 days, the roots of the pea seeds will start to emerge.  
This is what they'll look like.

From here, you can directly sow the seeds into the ground.  Plant the seeds with the root facing down and plant 2 seeds per hole (about 1 - 1.5 inches deep).  The pea plants will germinate shortly after this.  
Since my pea bed isn't quite ready, I elected to plant my seeds as starters and transplant them out to their permanent home later.  I planted 4 seeds per cell.  These were planted out on Monday, August 6th.  I planted the following pea varieties:
- Oregon Sugar Pod (Snow Peas)
- Little Marvel (Shelling Peas)
- Sugar Lace Bush (Snap Peas)  

I also sowed more fall/winter vegetables on Saturday August 4th:
- Lutz Greenleaf Beets
- Red Cloud Beets
- Carnival Blend Carrots
- Merida Hybrid Carrots
- Silver Bell Turnips
- Purple Top White Globe Turnips
- Purple Vienna Kohlrabi

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