Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Awww...Don't Make Me Blush

Oh okay, go ahead.  Keep doing it.  Exciting news!  I spy with my naked eye....the first color change of the season.  These are my Viva Italia variety of Plum or Sauce Tomatoes.  This was the first year I had planted this variety and I had high hopes.  However, this is one of the plants that ended up with the curled leaves and never really recovered.  It never produced more young leaves and flowers.  Thus, whatever fruit is on the plant is all that I'll get this year.  I hope that even with the rolled leaves, they'll be enough sugars directed to the fruit.  It would be a bummer to get this excited over bland tasting tomatoes!  Cross your fingers and stay tuned!!  


Rowena said...

I hope the flavor of these will make up for the low success rate. I didn't plant any saucing tomatoes this year as I had to give the plot a rest and do crop rotation, so I'll buy my saucing and dryign toms from the store this year.

Mac said...

Awww~~~ keeping my fingers crossed.

julie said...

I'll be crossing my fingers too. I have to say this post had the cutest title and very cute content :)

~TastyTravels~ said...

rowena: I hope so too but the plant is looking so pitiful, I have my doubts.

mac: Thanks!

TRHT: LOL! Thanks!!