Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Late July Garden Tour - Tomatoes

The tomatoes are slowly coming along.  The cherry tomatoes have started to ripen but the main season tomatoes are still green.  Here's a tour of the tomatoes that I'm growing this season.  

Here's the cherry tomatoes.  In these three tubs I have a Chocolate Cherry, Sun Gold and Sweet 100 plant.  There's also one volunteer cherry tomato plant that is likely another Sun Gold.  

The Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes are definitely less productive than either the Sun Gold or Sweet 100.

I've also noticed that the Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes are not round but an oval or oblong shaped.  I can't wait to try these to see if they're worth growing again next season.

The Sun Gold is flowering heavily and already has set large clusters of baby green tomatoes.  
I love how pretty these Sun Golds get when they're ready to be picked!

The Sun Golds maybe productive but the Sweet 100 is super uber productive.  It's hard to see but these are multiple long strands of set fruit.  I love how they're cascading down. 

These are some pretty red Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes that are ripe and ready to pick.

There are 3 main season tomato plants in this box: Green Zebra, Kellogg's Breakfast and Amana Orange.
I've been growing Green Zebra for a few years now.  I love them!  They are a green tomato with pretty chartreuse shoulders.  They have been very productive in the past and I'm hoping the trend continues.  So far the plant has set lots of smaller fruit.

Kellogg's Breakfast is a variety that I first tried last year.  I loved the orange/yellow color of the fruit and the taste.  Yum!
Amana Orange is a new variety for me this year.  So far, the plant has set several fruits.  I can't wait to try this orange tomato.
These are both volunteer tomato plants.  I believe they are cherry tomatoes.  I didn't have the heart to compost them so I stuck them half-heartedly in the ground and so far they've survived.  The soil is clay so it's likely not going to be optimal but so far both plants have flowered.  

Here's the majority of my tomato plants.  Some have done extremely well and others are struggling.  

This is a Cherokee Purple plant.  This is one that had struggled early on.  While I was on vacation, the leaves curled.  The flowers set fruit but the curled leaves persisted.  It has since turned around and produced new shoots at the base and at the top of the plant.  Everything looks fine now.  Whew!  Crisis averted!

These are Paul Robeson tomatoes.  This plant unfortunately did the same thing - curled leaves.  This plant, however, has not been able to regenerate young new shoots.  Although it has set fruits, I'm afraid it's lifespan maybe cut short.  I'm hoping the fruit that it has set will ripen before that happens.  

This is a new variety for me this year, Heinz 2653.  It's a paste tomato.  Since I've never grown this before, I'm not sure if it's me but the fruit look ruffled or scalloped.  It looks nothing like the photos.  LOL!  So really, I'm not sure if that is really what I'm growing.  We'll see what it turns out looking like.  

This is another volunteer tomato plant.  The variety is unknown.  I should note that this year I had so many volunteers that I didn't know what to do with them all!
These are Viva Italia Tomatoes.  It seems to be having the same curling leaf problem but it hasn't stopped it from bearing fruit.
This tomato plant is a new variety to me this year.  It's called Rosso Sicilian.  So far it's been pretty productive.  I read it's a good saucing tomato.  This one is supposed to have scalloped sides.  LOL!

I think these are the largest fruit I have on my plants thus far.  Funny thing is that it comes from yet another volunteer plant.  Who knows what it'll end up being.  
There are a few plants that I wasn't able to get photos of.  One of which was the Amish Paste grafted tomato.  It is the tallest of all the tomato plants and is highly productive.  If it does really well this year, I may get a couple grafted tomatoes for my main saucing tomatoes for next year and call it good.  I like getting bang for my buck and that plant has clusters full of fruit.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my tomato plants.  Next up is everything else growing in the garden.      


Why I garden... said...

That's a very good variety of tomato plants you have growing. I'm amazed at the number of Sun Gold tomatoes on your vines. Quite impressive.

Rowena... said...

I LOVE your tomato garden of eden! Thanks so much for sharing this and making a good day even better. I had to cut back heavily on the tomato planting this year and do some crop rotation to give the soil a break. All that went into the ground (from seed) were 2 Cherokee Purples and 2 Marmandes, and they've set fruit only within the last week or so. I also planted (from seed) some regular cherry tomato type and bought datterini starts from the nursery. Thank goodness no case of blight problem like I had last year. So excited to see your future tomato harvest!

Shannan Deshazer said...

Chocolate cherry is my favorite! I hope you get a good sample of how delicious those tomatoes turned out.
The new tomato variety I tried this year I ordered from Territorial called "cuore di bue". It's a saucing tomato that has those ridges you have on the Heinz tomato. Loved your tomato tour. I'm curious about the curled leaves; you'll have to tell us what you find the cause to be.

AnywhereEden said...

Looks a lot like my tomatoes this year. Green. Willamette Valley weather fooled me into thinking we'd have beautiful red tomatoes this year.

Glad I'm not alone though :) Everywhere else seems to be rolling in them right now.

Jensamom23 said...

What a wonderful and varied selection of tomatoes to have! I am impressed!

~Holly~ said...

Kelli-Thanks! I can't help myself. I'm a tomato addict!

Rowena: haha thanks! I may have to consider cutting back next year since I'm using containers replacing the soil gets spendy. We'll see. I'm not sure I'm able to control myself with it comes to tomatoes! I'm glad the blight is not back this season for you!

shannan: Oh good! I can't wait to try the chocolate cherry! I hope your tomatoes are extra productive this year! Yeah, I'm not sure what i have is a true heinz. Maybe it's a different variety cause it sure looks different than the picture. Either that or I've done something to upset it! LOL! I researched the curled leaf thing...uneven watering (unlikely since other plants are thriving), too heavy pruning (quite possible since I've been known to be heavy handed with trimming) or a virus.

~Holly~ said...

anywhere eden: LOL! I'm hoping for quick ripening. 90 degree weather this weekend!! Soon we'll have our share!

jensamom23: Thanks! I hope they all turn out okay.