Monday, July 30, 2012

Harvest Monday 7/30/12

Sorry I'm late with my harvest pictures.  It's the end of July and already I've harvested a lot out of the garden.  This week saw what was probably the last of the raspberries and blueberries.  Hopefully next year the raspberries will be more productive.  I'll have to remember not to trim the canes late in the season like I did this year.  I think that really slowed down production.  The blueberries, however, were  good producers this year.
This week I pinched back some of the basil plants and harvested the tops.  I also had a small harvest of cherry tomatoes early in the week that made for a delicious summer salad (see earlier post).  

I pulled the last of my baby carrots this week to make room for a new batch of carrots.  These were pretty looking carrots in all stages of growth.

This is what they looked like all cleaned and trimmed and ready to be weighed.  I *heart* baby carrots!
This was my 3rd harvest of green beans.  This year I had a stellar green bean crop!  Usually I have to battle the slugs for beans but this year they only chomped the leaves of the plants and not so much of the actual beans.  Score one for me!  I also harvested more delicious cherry tomatoes!

Happy Harvest!!

This weeks totals:
- mixed berries 0.44 lb
- cherry tomatoes 0.68 lb
- basil 0.3 lb
- green beans 1.39 lb
- carrots 0.82 lb

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Shannan Deshazer said...

What variety of carrots do you use and recommend? Would you believe I've never grown a single carrot before? I'm kind of clueless

Barbie~ said...

Beautiful harvests this week. :-)

~Holly~ said...

Shannan: I've only grown baby carrots since I use raised beds and they're not really very deep. I've had good success with sweet treat, mini sweet and little fingers. This year I tried Rothlid which are the fatter carrots. I love baby carrots cause they're so sweet and yummy! Only thing is they take a long time and I'm so impatient! =0)

Barbie: Thank you!!

Mary Hysong said...

really nice looking carrots; great harvests!

~Holly~ said...

Mary: Thank you! I had a tough time last year with forked and twisted carrots. Glad to see it's worked itself out this time around!