Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Fall Plantings

The "Daddy Do" list is never ending.  One thing I wanted my dad to do while he was in town was to build another hoop house for the lower raised bed.  That way I would be able to extend my harvest and keep the naughty bugs off my vegetables.  This bed, however, is notorious for slugs so I have been on patrol.  

Right now I have green beans and cucumbers growing off to the left.  The cucumbers are on the outside of the covering and climbing the netting in back of the cloth.  The piping bends down and there is a slot for them to fit into to make hoops.     

I thought I would have time after returning from my trip to start my fall vegetable seeds.  It turns out, I had too high expectations.  LOL!  I ended up buying some broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprout starters.  

I amended this bed with chicken manure and slow release organic fertilizer.  I covered the bed with black cloth as I was not good about weeding this bed and weeds were prolific.  I'm hoping to kill them off during the season.  On July 23rd, I planted 4 plants each of Fall Blend Broccoli and Cauliflower in the right bed.  I will plant the Brussels sprouts in the ground since they get big and tall.        
I also started a few seeds to see if they would grow in time to plant.  This is what I'm growing from seed for fall (planted July 23):
1) Apollo Broccoli x 3, Gai Lan x 3
2) Lacinato Kale x 3, Rainbow Blend Swiss Chard x 3
3) Winter Elf Cabbage x 3, Soloist Cabbage x 3
4) Green Delight Baby Bok Choy x 6
5) Radicchio x 3, Misome x 3
6) Spinach x 6


Rowena... said...

Love your fall list. So excited to see everything come to fruition! I've started seeds but only for beets and purple cauliflower. Our winters are unpredictable so we shall see if there will be an early winter or not.

~Holly~ said...

Rowena: Thanks! I just hope I can follow through with the planting! LOL! I haven't started my beets yet. We're expecting 90 degree weather this weekend. I hope everything doesn't bolt!! o-O