Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Garden Chores

I was able to do a few garden chores yesterday before the rains came.  First order of business was to free my two cherry tomatoes from their wall-of-water jail.  These were tomato plants that I set out bravely around April 24th.  They have grown by leaps and bounds and have easily outgrown the WOWs.  I was lazy this year (and spoiled by the nice spring weather we had in Oregon) and didn't bother to put up any other WOWs.  All the other plants were planted out and left to fend for themselves.  I removed the WOWs to let the plants breathe.     
I decided to prune my tomato plants and tidy them up.  So far all have been doing well without protection.  Night temperatures have ranged from the mid 40's to mid 50's.  I trimmed the leaves at the bases of the plants and pinched off suckers.

Several of my starters did not fare as well as the tomatoes.  Namely the Delicata Winter Squash, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Lime Basil & Lemon Cucumber looked worse for wear.  I pulled all but the delicata.  I replaced these and added a melon plant.  The Renegade Spinach looked like it was attempting to bolt so it was pulled out as well.        
Delicata Winter Squash

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Planted out:
Delicata Winter Squash
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Lemon Cucumber
French Charentais Melon

I placed WOWs around the two Delicata plants and the watermelon and cantaloupes.  I'm hoping it will keep them nice and warm until they are big enough to handle the dips in the temperatures.  I was done just in time for a nice downpour to pass over my area.    


Wendy said...

I've only just brought my seedlings out yesterday. It's tough with this weather - a great day one day, then a thunderstorm the next, just don't want to risk bringing those precious little seedling out! Your tomatos - geez those WOWs really work!

~Holly~ said...

Wendy-We were spoiled with a dry april and warmer than normal may. June is so far rain and gloom. Yep, WOWs are amazing!!