Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvest Monday 6/25/12

This week the snap peas were finally ready for picking!  I picked a bunch earlier in the week and some later on in the week.  
I also harvested some broccoli side shoots and a cute baby radish.
Also ready this week was the first Meeker Raspberries of the season.  Hooray!!  I picked a few baby Hood Strawberries too.  They're first year plants so the berries were awfully small.  I also picked some herbs for cooking that weren't photographed. 
Happy Harvest!!
This week's totals:
- peas = 0.6 lb
- broccoli = 0.5 lb
- radishes = 0.02 lb
- parsley = 0.04 lb
- mix berries = 0.23 lb
- dill = 0.05 lb
**Linking to Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday.**


Adventures in Agriburbia said...

Oooh, raspberries. Lucky you. Your peas also look wonderful!

Stoney Acres said...

Your raspberries look great! I'm heading out right now to pick our first ones of the season!! Can't wait!

Mary Hysong said...

raspberries are sooooo yummy! You are soooo lucky to be able to grow them!

kitsapFG said...

What a heavenly trio - strawberries, raspberres, and sugar snap peas! Does it get any finer than that?

Anonymous said...

What a cute lil radish!
And my those berries look tasty.

Rowena... said...

Love your green and red harvest! We got our first zukes this week but I didn't even take a picture. Happy summer!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Ooohhh juicy raspberries! I bet they taste really good. Nice harvest!

~Holly~ said...

adventures: The raspberry harvest was small this year but enough for a snack while out in the garden. =0)

stoney acres: Thanks! I love raspberries!

mary: LOL! I grew these in a large container. I'm also growing a container marionberry (a type of blackberry).

kitsapFG: I do agree..a nice trio!

thiscrazygarden: Thanks!

~Holly~ said...

rowena: Zukes already! I'm jealous! I may have some this week though. My squash have been very slow this year!

MKG: Thanks! They were delicious!