Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Volunteers Everywhere!!

I've been very fortunate this year with volunteer plants.  They seemed to have popped up everywhere.  I had tons of self-starting cilantro plants this year.  I think it was because I allowed the plants to go to seed last year and I let the seeds dry on the plant.  I then harvested them as coriander.  Along the way, some of the seeds got away from me and fell from my deck down into my tomato tubs.  I eventually dug up most of the volunteer cilantro plants and replanted them here in one spot.  I also gave away about 5 more starters to a friend.  

I also had a few carrots pop up.  I'm not sure what type of carrots these are.  I guess we'll see later.  
I also have found a lot of volunteer tomato plants this year.  I know most of them are cherry tomatoes but there are a few that maybe paste or heirloom tomatoes.  I tried to keep as many as I could.  I'll be surprised later when the fruits start to form.  
Lastly, I had a whole patch of snapdragons appear out of nowhere.  I let them grow.  Snapdragons are so pretty and the hummingbirds enjoy them too.  
What about you?  What type of volunteers have you found in your garden this year?