Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Planting out Tomatoes and Peppers

The weather here in Oregon has been beautiful for May!  Is it too good to be true??  I hope not!!  I had a few days off so it was time to get the majority of my warm weather veggies planted out.  These were planted out on Tuesday, May 15th.

I had managed to stalk the local nurseries to get most of the varieties of tomatoes I was looking for.  I got a few of my annual must-haves and a few new varieties to try out.  Here's this year's tomato list.

- Green Zebra
- Kellogg's Breakfast
- Amana Orange (new for me)
- Willamette (new for me)
- Chocolate Cherry (new for me)
- Viva Italia (new for me)
- Cherokee Purple
- San Marzano
- Rosso Sicilian (new for me)
- Sun Gold & Sweet 100 were planted out weeks ago

I also caved and bought 1 grafted tomato plant.  It's an grafted Amish Paste.  Grafted tomatoes are supposed to yield 4x the amount of tomatoes.  We'll see.  I'll let you know how it does.

I have spots for 2 more indeterminate tomato plants and one determinate.  The last minute seeds I grew of the Mandarin Cross are coming along.  I hope at least one plant will be large enough to fill one those spots.  That leaves one more spot left.  I'm hoping to find one of my favorite, Paul Robeson, on my next nursery trip.  For the other determinate, I was hoping to try another paste like Heinz.  Hopefully I'll find one of those.

I also planted out 2 tomatillo plants and a bunch of peppers. 

- Shishito x 2

I didn't have time to surround these plants with walls-o-water so I hope the night temperatures don't dip too low.


Susana Reyes said...

Holly! Thanks for visiting my blog. You are growing a lot of stuff- I can't wait to see your progress and get some good tips from your blog. :)

~Holly~ said...

Hi Susana: Thanks for stopping by! Looks like you don't need very many tips. You're garden is coming along wonderfully!! =0)

scrapper al said...

Wow, that's quite a collection! I have six plants from the big box stores and hopefully some Amish Paste from seeds. I got an incredibly late start this year. Unfortunately, the small local nursery down the street just closed so it is a lot hard to find heirlooms now.

~Holly~ said...

scrapper al: I hope your late start still produces lots of yummy tomatoes for you this season! Sorry about the local nursery.