Monday, May 21, 2012

Harvest Monday 5/21/12

Here's some of the things that I harvested this week in Portland, Oregon.

I love having leeks in the garden.  I can leave them out there and when I'm ready to use them, I can pick them.  Sweet!  
The Jericho Romaine Lettuce is still producing a lot.  I had enough to take to my other neighbor (with a family of 5).  They were really excited for the fresh lettuce!  I also picked a few spinach as my plants look like they maybe mildewing.

I also decided to make a first harvest of the Mizuna and Arugula.  I will mix it into my salads for a little different flavor.

I made a quick harvest of some herbs to prevent my plants from bolting.  Here are some parsley and cilantro.  Be sure to check out the post this week on the Cilantro Lemon Shrimp I made with these herbs.  It was quick and delicious!

My chive flowers finally bloomed.  I usually let them bloom and die back on their own but this year I picked them to make Chive Blossom Vinegar.  That post will also be coming up soon.  

Happy Harvest!!

This weeks's harvest totals:
- Leeks = 0.81 lb.
- Lettuce = 1.8 lb.
- Spinach = 0.11 lb.
- Mizuna/Arugula = 0.25 lb.
- Parsley/Cilantro = 0.14 lb.
- Chive blooms = not weighed

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the red headed traveler said...

Your beautiful leeks caught my eye immediately! I hated them as a child but love them now as an adult, especially in soups.

I'm also envious of your cilantro. Herbs are so expensive at our supermarket but our balcony is too much in the shade, especially in the summer with all the trees in bloom (it looks like a rainforest :)

Mary Hysong said...

Love your leeks. Alliums do not grow to their full potential here yet, I don't think the soil is good enough yet, but I keep trying...

Susana Reyes said...

Your lettuce looks great.

Question- how do you know how much cilantro to pick? I planted some seeds in my garden and I see cilantro growing but I am not sure if I am supposed to wait or cut it already? and if I do, how much do I cut? Thanks!

Susana Reyes said...

Your lettuce look great.
Question- I planted some cilantro seeds in our garden and I see cilantro growing- but I don't know when to cut it or how or how much?
Any advice? Thanks :)

Daphne said...

Last year I made chive blossom vinegar, but I think this year I'm just letting them grow to enjoy the flowers. They are so pretty.

~Holly~ said...

TRHT-I've grown fond of leeks as well. I've found them easier to grow than onions and the keep in the ground well.

Mary-I haven't had success with onions yet. Leeks have been much easier to grow.

Susana-I wait until they have a few actual leaves befits I pick. As the leaves start to mature, harvest about the top 1/3. Leave the bottom to produce more leaves. Always leave some leaves on the plant but keep the plant well picked or it will bolt.

Daphne- I'm just the opposite. I usually leave the flowers. This year I'm doing the opposite. What did you use your vinegar for?