Saturday, April 7, 2012

Starting off the Spring 2012 Garden Season

It was sunny but chilly this morning.  However, projected highs would just hit 60 degrees.  I hurried my indoor chores to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine.  I decided to take advantage of the sunshine to prep at least one of my spring beds before heading to work in the afternoon.  

I didn't do a good job of cleaning up after the last growing season so there were weeds to pull and soil to turn over.  This year I didn't find many of the icky grubs I usually find.  Did they all grow up into adult versions of the pest already?  Or maybe I was just lucky and avoided them this year.  I guess only time will tell.  I added some chicken manure to the bed and turned the soil well.   I also added some organic fertilizer and more slow release fertilizer to the beds.  

I managed to plant out my first bed of spring goodies.  All my plants are store bought this year.  Spring just snuck up on me and I didn't find time to plant anything this year.  These plants have been acclimating in the cold frame over the past 5 days or so.  I thought I was way behind on planting out my spring garden this year but looking back, it appears I'm only about a week behind last year.  Yahoo!!  There's hope for me yet!  

Red Pac Choi
I love Asian vegetables.  I picked the Red Choi because they're so pretty.

2 Packman Broccoli
I decided to give broccoli another try.  My first attempt to grow broccoli last spring didn't go well.  I think it's because I didn't allow them enough space to really grow.  I picked the Packman variety because it said it only needed 8 inches of space.  I'm hoping 2 plants will do well instead of the 5 I tried to squish in last year.  Cross your broccoli loving fingers for me!    

Renegade Spinach with a couple of extra Red Pac Choi sprinkled in
I love spinach.  I hope spinach loves me this year!  I've never grown this variety before so I hope it's tasty!

Jericho Romaine Lettuce
What's not to love about romaine lettuce?

Bright Lights Swiss Chard
I had an awesome year with chard last year.  I hope it continues.  I love Swiss chard.  Bright lights are my favorite because of the beautiful colors!

Happy Spring!!