Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Signs of Spring and an Early April Garden Assessment

We've had a pretty miserable March here in Oregon.  This March we officially saw 7.73 inches of rain.  It has been the wettest March on record.  We beat the old record that was set in 1957.  Needless to say, I haven't been outside much.  

Yesterday there was a break in the rain (yes folk, it's still raining) so I decided to go outside to assess the damage in my garden.  Signs of spring was slowly popping up.  My plum tree was blooming although it's still pretty cold here.  I didn't see any signs of bees though.  Last year was a very disappointing year for my young plum tree.  I had 1 fruit set.  I don't feel too bad though because my neighbor that usually has tons of plums on his huge tree also had very little.  I took the opportunity to hand pollinate some of the flowers in the hopes that it yield some fruit this year.  

I say this every year and I never hold myself to it.  I always tell myself to be sure to clean up the garden after summer so that it won't be such a pain to clean the following spring.  Once again I didn't do as I had planned.  My garden was a mess.  Here's some overwintered kale that grew like crazy.  It toppled over the container it was in.  It's bolting now so it's time to clean it up.  

Some good new.  Growing beside the weeds and moss as some goodies.  I have quite a few beets that survived.  

I think this is a Swiss chard plant.  Hooray!

The leeks and onions that I planted at the end of summer looks to have survived.  I'll have to side dress them with some fertilizer soon.  Some leeks already look like they're ready to be harvested.  I'll have to dream up some yummy leek recipes for them.  

Next to the leeks and onions, my peony plant is breaking ground.  

My lilacs also seem to be sprouting their greens.  Ahh, spring is in the air.  


Shannan Deshazer said...

Happy to have you back Holly! I always enjoy your garden updates.

I'm growing beets for the first time this year and I planted the seeds the week before it snowed and then it snowed 6" on my garden and I dont' see any beet seeds coming up. Do they take a while to come up?

As for leeks, they are fabulous for making risotto. They cook down so nicely and add a rice flavor to the risotto. Good luck girl!

~Holly~ said...

Hi Shannan!! Thanks for the welcome back! I'll have to pop over and see what's going on in your world! long has it been since you planted the beets? It may have been too early. I'm looking at my garden cheat sheet and it says April is when you should start seeding outdoors. You might replant them and see. My beets were overwintered. I'm hoping they're still good after being in the ground all winter. =0)

Risotto for the leeks sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the tip!!

Why I garden... said...

Spring is a great time of year. Hope all the rain starts to reduce a bit so you can enjoy your garden. I've loads of jobs to do this month as well. April is a great month to get outside!

the red headed traveler said...

Glad you were able to assess your garden! When I lived in a house (as in non-apartment) I always was terrible about cleaning up shop (aka the garden) at the end of the summer. It's been very rainy here too but overall we had an extremely mild winter for the northeast. Hope your plum tree is more bountiful this year (although I can't say I've ever eaten one lol).

~Holly~ said...

Kelli: I finally made it outside today! Hooray! So much to do and so little time!!

Julie: I hope my plum produces this year. I threatened him with eviction last season so I hope he got the message! =0)