Monday, April 9, 2012

Second Spring Planting

Today was warm but overcast.  I got to work outside.  I turned over another raised bed to plant more spring goodies.  In this bed, I planted some starters that I got from the nursery.  These included: Lacinato Kale, Freckled Baby Leaf Lettuce and a new find, Lacinato Rainbow Kale.  This bed also included a large and small Swiss chard volunteer plant. 

The Lacinato Rainbow Kale is supposed to be a hybrid.  It's the nice flavor and texture people have come to love in the Lacinto Kale mixed with the pretty colors of Redbor Kale.  There was just one of these plants left at the nursery so I scooped it up to try.  The plant has pretty purple veins.    

To the left of the bed, I planted the following via direct sowing:
- 1 square foot: Japanese Salad Daikon (seeds shared by Suzie)
- 2 square feet: Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
- 1 square foot:  Purple Top Turnips
- 1 square foot: Arugula and Mizuna


Why I garden... said...

I've been sowing as well. Its always great to see plants emerging from seed. One of my favourite is purple top turnip; hope yours do well.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hi--nice to see you back at the Garden Party! Your bed looks so organized, and I bet your lettuce and kale will really take off in that lovely raised bed.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I wish I have a garden bed like this. Happy spring planting!

Rowena... said...

I'm hoping that this backward spring weather (it went down to 39°F and snowed the other night!) will do what it's supposed to do and SPRING forward. So looking forward to planting but really excited to see what you'll be harvesting later on.

~Holly~ said...

kelli: I was feeling sad about not having started any seedlings this year. Glad I was able to get some gardening done though. I'm excited to see the turnips and kohlrabi.

athena: Thank you!

MKG: It's small raised beds but works really well for me. Thank you!!

rowena: LOL! I feel your pain. We had 4 days of nice sunny weather with highs of 60 and lows bumping up to the mid 40's. Now we're back to cool nights and days. This weekend should be nice. I'm keeping an eye on your garden too!! I'm hoping for good weather for you!