Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Spring Plantings

There's so much to do in the garden but so little time.  The weather has been fickle.  Yesterday we had thunder and heavy showers.  Today it was cool and foggy in the morning.  By the afternoon, it was sunny and I believe the high today was 62 degrees.

I managed to weed and prep my skinny raised beds.  I planted out snap peas and direct sow more peas, some beets, carrots and radishes.  I found a volunteer golden beet so I dug him up and planted him with the other golden beets.  We'll see how he likes his new home.

Here's today's planting list:
- Sugar Daddy Snap Peas
- Sugar Lace Snap Peas
- Little Marvel Bush Shelling Peas
- Golden Beets
- Bull's Blood Beets
- Chioggia Beets
- Rothlid Carrots
- Sweet Treat Carrots
- Watermelon Radishes
- Cincinnati Market Radishes


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your peas looking good!

Lexa said...

I enjoyed reading your planting list. I just saw watermelon radish in a catalog recently and they sure looked interesting. Happy Gardening!

~Holly~ said...

MKG: Thank you! I hope they do well this year. I love peas!! =0)

Lexa: Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the nice weather this weekend too!! I had to work (boo!!) but did get to enjoy a few hours and a day off on Monday!