Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kids Crafts: Egg Carton Bugs

I saw this cute kids craft online.  I originally saw a ladybug and a caterpillar.  I thought it would be fun to do with the kids.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I thought it was a good idea to paint with 2 kids.  One is 5 years old and the other is 21 months old. It was an adventure.  Luckily for washable paint.

Egg Carton Bugs

For this project, you'll need:
- recycled cardboard egg cartons
- pom poms
- google eyes
- pipe cleaners
- glue (in this case Elmer's glue worked)
- Sharpie pen
- washable paint & brushes
- patience (haha)

1) First cut your cartons as you wish.  Our carton wasn't symmetrical on both sides so you can cut them down to make them as symmetrical as you like.  I had initially cut a single carton for each child for the ladybug and a long chain for a caterpillar.  I left the cartons unattended and the little one broke her long carton in half so she ended up with 3 bugs.  The oldest one wanted to do the same so she made 3 bugs too.  

2) Get out the paint and patience and let the kids paint their bugs.  Aubrey's bugs are mostly brown since she was mostly interested in mixing the paints up.  Arianna's line was "I wanna paint it how I wanna paint it".

3) Allow the bugs to dry.  Let the kids pick pom poms and eyes to decorate.  In this case, I took creative control for the little one.  Also, cut pipe cleaners to use as antennae and/or legs.

4) When the paint dries, make dots with a Sharpie (if making a ladybug).  Glue on pom poms and eyes.  Poke hole in the carton to fit the legs through.  Use Sharpie to make faces if you need to.  Tada!!  They both did a great job!  Cute little bug-gers!