Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Herb Container Garden, Container Marionberry and Planting out Cherry Tomatoes

With the nice weather this past weekend, I got some garden chores done.  I only had a few hours but managed to get a few things done.  

First I planted my herbs out.  In this planter I have a lemon verbena, garlic chives and some dill.  

I also potted up my ginger mint and my orange mint plants.  My chive plant managed to survive the winter and will be producing pretty purple flowers soon.

In this box, I have a purple sage, overwintered rosemary and overwintered oregano.  I transferred the two overwintered plants to this new planter.  They look a little worse for wear but I hope they thrive.
This weekend I also planted my Marionberry plant in a large container.  I'm hoping it does as well as my raspberry that I grew in a large container.  
My last garden chore was to plant out 2 cherry tomato plants.  These are Sun Gold and Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants.  I put up a wall of water around both of these to help keep in some heat.  Last year, I planted my first tomato plants out around May 1st.  This year I was feeling brave.   


Shannan Deshazer said...

My chive plant overwintered as well and it looks a lot like yours. It is sending up flower shoots and I dont' know what to do with them. Is is bad for chives to bolt like cilantro and parsley? Or do you want them to flower? It sounds like you do from your post. What do you do with them when they flower?
P.S. and yes you are brave. I was solate this year in planting my tomatoes that I just transplanted my seedlings into bigger pots and they only have one set of true leaves! They may not get into the ground until mid to late May!!

~Holly~ said...

Shannan: I don't think letting the flowers bloom hurt the plant. They're pretty and the bees love the blooms. You can also let them seed and self sow. You can also pick them and add them to recipes for a mild onion flavor. One of my favorites is to add them to vinegar and make a chive vinegar. Enjoy!! Since I bought starts this year, I thought I'd be a little brave since they're large plants. We'll see if I made a fatal error!!

learning table said...

It looks like your herb garden will be a great addition to your cooking this summer. I love having fresh herbs from my garden, and it's fun to send the kids outside when I'm cooking to bring me some oregano or basil. They are like, "you're seriously going to put that in the sauce?"

Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal said...

I was brave this year too and put out peas about 2 weeks before usual. So far, so good!

Marionberry is a total FAVORITE in our house - we visit family in OR and eat our fill. Now you have me wondering if I can grow it here in CO.

~Holly~ said...

learning table: Herbs are one of my favorites to grow. They're super easy and you totally get your money's worth!

andrea: I hope you're able to grew it in CO. I've had success growing raspberries in a large container. I love marionberries and thought I would try that too!