Monday, April 2, 2012 this this working?

*head hung low*  I know.  I've been bad.  I've received emails and spoken with friends and family that ask me, "so when are you going to blog again?" or "what's with your blog?".  Hee hee.  Sorry folks!

Life has been a little chaotic.  Work has been crazy busy.  Our entire hospital is transitioning over to a new computer system.  D-day is April 21st.  I've been attending training classes, covering extra shifts so my co-workers can attend training classes and helping facilitate the transition by helping with various committees.  Yuck!

I'm still puttering my way through school.  Right now I'm done with all the bookwork.  I've completed 1 of 3 clinical rotations.  These are basically working for free that I have to find time to do in between my actually working full time.  Each rotation is 160 hours.  Double and triple Yuck!   

During my absence, my brother and his wife welcomed the newest addition to our family.  A baby girl, Avery, was born on March 1st.  I made her a card that I have to post (and still have to mail).  That's how behind I am.  Bad Aunty Holly.

I did take about a week off and went to visit my brother and his family in Las Vegas.  I now have 3 nieces to spoil rotten!  Hooray!  It was a busy household.  I cooked like crazy while I was there and filled their freezer with meals that would mostly need defrosting and reheating.  I thought it would help with busy days.  Some days I had the stove going, something in the oven and the slow cooker running.  I accomplished a lot though.  When I got home, I went on strike in my own kitchen for about a week.  Cereal for dinner please!  I have some of those posts to post.  The kids and I also did some crafts and had playtime.

I have been testing out recipes and restaurants.  I definitely have more of those posts to come.

I haven't started even thinking about a garden yet.  I'm not sure I'll have time to plant anything.  I maybe buying starters this year.  I also apologize because I haven't been able to read any of my favorite blogs for quite a while.  That's also on my to-do list.  I want to see and hear what you all have been up to!

In short, I'll be back soon.  Just bear with me!!  =0)


Linda said...

Welcome back!! I was wondering if you were going to come back soon. :)

the red headed traveler said...

Happy to see you posting again! And I hope that life can calm down a little bit for you in the coming weeks and months so you can "breathe" a bit easier. Congrats on becoming an aunt again!

Wendy said...

you've been busy!! And honestly, you're a fantastic aunt - congrats on the new niece! work/school sounds crazy. When will you be totally done?

~Holly~ said...

Linda: Thanks! It's taken some gentle proding but I'm back! ;0)

Julie: Thanks! I'm taking advantage of the calm before the storm to crank a few posts out. Thanks! It was fun meeting baby Avery for the first time and bonding with Arianna and Aubrey!

Wendy: Thank you!! School should be over by June (cross your fingers for me). Go live for the new computer system at work is April 21st. I'll tack on a few months to iron out some kinks. Hopefully by summer I'll be relaxing and enjoying!

Charmcitybalconygarden said...

My head is spinning just thinking about your schedule! Congrats on the addition to your family...and welcome back to the blogosphere!!

~Holly~ said...

charm city: LOL! My head spins all the time trying to manage it all.